Fair Daze

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It's been a while since I hit up an open space fair. I'm not really into those scenes, but when a buddy hit me up this morning with an invite, I thought, "Why not?" Slapped on some threads and hopped in the car.

The fair's a good 30 clicks away in the city; we don't have anything like it in town. I've made the drive before, and aside from the parking quest, getting there was a breeze — the roads were wide open.

The weather, despite the sun doing its thing, had a chill vibe. That wind, though, fierce as ever in this neck of the woods. Winter's knocking, so no surprises there.

At the fair, it's the same old song and dance. Gypsies hustling all sorts of ancient stuff that barely anyone bites on. Place was packed, but the goods? Slim pickings, as per usual. Snagged some razor blades, though; was running low.

Beyond that, nothing really caught my eye...

Snapped a bunch of pics of the stuff for sale, and as the main pic of the post suggests, the statues stole the show. Coincidentally, a gypsy lady was peddling those beauties.

No intention to sound racist, but gypsies and I don't exactly click. They've kind of fueled some of the not-so-great vibes we've had in Europe. Anyhow, to cut it short, hitting up the fair again was cool, but I'm not rushing to repeat the experience anytime soon.

Wishing y'all a killer Sunday, and catch you next time. Tell me if you would buy anything from the photography subjects I got in this post today.

Thanks for your attention, Adrian

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