What "Not Owning Anything and Being Happy" Could Really Mean For Us

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Humanity is hanging at the edge of a quite steep cliff right now when it comes to true ownership and fundamental freedoms that we were supposed to be born with. Canada Convoy events have shown us the face of our leaders and their dirty tools(aka the police) and trust all over the world is probably at its lowest levels in a long time.

There's an interesting short clip on twitter from a Joe Rogan podcast, that has been already deleted by Spotify, where his interviewer was showing him "proof" that almost all world leaders are elected by the World Economic Forum.

It was the World Economic Forum also where mental ill Klaus Schwab has presented his agenda of the "you will own nothing and be happy" era, that's supposed to become a reality in just a few years from now. I hope my corrupt country will stay far away from that type of globalization.

So what would not owning anything and be happy about that would really mean?

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First and foremost we won't own our money anymore and again we have Canada's Convoy freezing funds as a trial for such an era where dictatorship has proven us clearly that no matter what funds we have, these can be frozen or even stolen by the government if it gains access to it.

Bitcoin and self custody fixes that, but a damn ETF won't... Our vision of mass adoption for Bitcoin is often times flawed, but we still have the tech at hand to change our lives for the better.

Once they get total control over our money they will be able to control our right to earn, that's for sure, people that turn out to be disturbing for the system won't be allowed for certain businesses or employment opportunities.

Social credits are going to make "them happy" cuz these ones will highly influence our right to travel and have access to certain services. Social credits will basically steal privacy from us, as you can't create a person some social profile without controlling the data surrounding him and as long as digitization spreads wider that will become an easy task.

I don't remember where I heard this one, but there was a lady, I guess an Australian politician who was saying that children basically don't belong to their parents, but to the state, thus an important question arises: how much will the parents "own their children" in the future?

I'm having doubts about the internet as well, as a form of ownership because we have the example of Kazakhstan where it was basically switched off at the push of a button. If for example everything conducted in the world by an individual shall be realized through some digital identity, wallet and social number(or something), what would stop the establishment from switching off an individuals access to the internet...

We would definitely won't own cars anymore in probably less than two decades. This topic is quite an interesting one that shall emerge into a separate post, but it's a good example of "not owning anything and being happy about that" drama and had to mention it. What do you think, though, how else can these mentally ill people could make us not owning anything in the future?

Thanks for attention, Adrian

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