"Why Bitcoiners Need Hive"

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The way I see it the Bitcoin maxis and plenty of crypto heads are spinning in the same loop for years and years now when it comes to putting out content and sharing their thoughts "in a way" that can't be censored and that is immutable at the same time.

A few years ago there was some youtube purge at some point, probably during the 2018-2019 bear market, if I remember correctly and plenty of crypto YouTubers saw their accounts suspended and their content demonetized for basically no irrefutable reason. I don't remember the names, but I sure know that I commented on the tweets of a few of them mentioning Steem/Hive as a way superior alternative to youtube, Facebook, and Twitter for content sharing in a way that's not controlled by anyone.

None gave a shit because most of them are more interested in just making money out of this shit(Bitcoin, crypto) rather than being part of a crypto revolution. As soon as youtube gave them back their accounts they simply resumed what they were doing for years.

Yesterday, Jameson Lopp posted on Twitter that he's into increasing his data sovereignty and protecting his content from deplatforming risks and he also shared a guide for how to efficiently archive and transcribe your YouTube videos.

As you can see in the screenshot above I have replied to his tweet directing him to Hive. I was hit by a wall trying to help this guy the same way as I was by trying to guide others to the "water spring" that Hive is. These people are contradicting themselves... On one hand, they're shouting about decentralization, sovereignty, and full ownership, and on the other, they refuse to make the switch from centralized shit to fully decentralized networks.

You can see for yourselves the answer I got from Lopp...

I couldn't stop there and I replied to the guy pointing him to the fact that he has options with Hive. If he doesn't want to completely leave youtube behind he can "double post" by opting to "blockchain his youtube content on Hive". He's not the only one doing that. @cryptodaily and some crypto chick, both quite famous in the crypto world were doing the same until a few good months ago.

Personally, I don't care who's buying Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook, none of these ones will ever become the platforms their users wish them to be. There will always be censorship, account moderation, and restrictions. Period.

Look at what happened with Kanye West and Twitter. Soon after Kanye got unbanned... by Elon, the same person who gave him back the freedom to express himself on Twitter took that grant back. That's not how you do it...

Let the man speak even if he's full of crap. Is he instigating violence? What did George Bush do with Iraq? No one banned him from anywhere...

I believe that everyone should have the right to speak his/her lungs out, no matter the shit, and that's what Hive does. It set the stage for "every artist to play". The world can't be fixed because it's not broken and whoever tries to fix it is just interfering and attributing himself great powers than necessary. If you don't like some shit you simply build yours or join the one created by others that suits your needs...

Jameson Lopp would be better with Hive than whatever he's taking into consideration as "backup", but he consciously decided to ignore it and stick with what feels more convenient.

Thanks for your attention, Adrian

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