SMANA Token Stealth Launch on Hive Engine

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Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice and I'm just sharing my opinions about the subject. Do your own research before putting some money on anything.

SMANA is a token tied to the project @nyxlabs has been working on for quite a while now. This is the frontend of the River Styx project which aims to integrate blockchain technology, NFT, educate artists about cryptotechnology, expansion across different blockchain by making it easy for artist to tie their works to multiple chains.

Sounds like big and vague right? I hear yeah, it's still under development phases but there are marked improvements on the site since my last visit months ago. @zeroooc has done a wonderful job keeping the progress at a steady pace before finally committing to create a token that could link the project to Hive. There are other tokens tied to Styx on other ends but I won't be going deeper into that.

So the question most are probably interested in knowing is whether the token will yield you some money from holding it? NO. It's flat out no and there's no promise of financial rewards for bothering to hold it at the moment. So why did I even bother buying some of their supply? I just like to speculate value. I've talked about gamifying the onboarding experience when it comes to helping new users find their footing on blockchain tech and this project is more focused on artists.

Does it yield you money from holding? Again, no, not yet, maybe someday and who knows. I just support the project because of the value it tries to bring to the blockchain and it onboarded new users into the platform during development.

I have tried the site during the early phases and gave some inputs on user experience. The recent tests added the fun element of role playing and figuring out crypto stuff but it's still far from the ideal user experience I would expect.

Did I mention River Styx implements some collectibles and NFT tech? a possible use case for the token is using it to access role playing events, buy collectibles, and using it to help your collectibles grow. I have no permission sharing the concept arts being worked on for the project and some concepts are not yet fixed.

Again, it's all speculation that the value the in holding the token will deliver. You can check out the site and their Discord server (please note this invite can only accommodate 50 uses).

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time.

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