Nehbandan Martian Mountains wonderful Miniature and colorful Mountains

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Nehbandan Martian Mountains

wonderful Miniature Mountains

Hello , wewere in Nehbandan amazing mountains , ithad strange feeling inside it

One of the geographers is the miniature mountains and hills of Nehbandan, which are located at a distance of 5 kilometers from this city.

These mountains are referred to as Martian mountains due to the beautiful painting of nature with wind and water in an area of 25 square kilometers due to its unique beauty.

In the factory that nature is the creator of, it has placed rows of sugar canes that every viewer, when he looks at it, will be amazed by the beauty of this master painter and will remain dumbfounded for a while by all this genius.

The feeling of being interesting and strange next to these beautiful mountains

We walked among these miniature mountains and enjoyed this feeling very much, although the weather was hot and we were a little tired,

but I am really happy that we drove this long way to get there because few people go there to enjoy this nature.