[Powered Up] June 2021's #HIVEPUD

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May was an interesting month for me on #hive. I didn't publish many articles, but I'm proud of the few I wrote in it. I also have more unfinished articles for next month than I had before. HIVE Power Up Day came too quickly this time, at least it felt so to me.

Hive Power Up Day (hashtag #hivepud) is a recurring event on the first day of every month. Hive owners stake some of their liquid HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork You can check [this link] for the announcement post for June 2021.

The biggest change that affected me on HIVE through this month of May was #peakd's Curated Collections. #c-c-c I'm using this feature to make Recommend Reading Order lists for my articles on different topics. Adding retrospectively intros to such articles. On a related note, I'm addicted to Hive-Engine's token $PIZZA. There have been multiple updates to the token.

This is the 7th #hivepud I take part in. Like usual I'm powering up in small amounts for both of my accounts:

My May Hive Power Up Day:

Powered UP 10 HIVE for @ahmadmanga: TxID
Powered UP 13 HIVE for @ahmadmangazap: TxID

One of the reasons I like participating is getting the badges from Hivebuzz the badges in my Achievements Tab. HiveBuzz Badges are just cosmetic rewards for HIVEPUD. (More info about this here.) is of this challenge. They also give delegation rewards for helping other users powering up. I didn't take part as a helper the last couple of times though.

Finally, I want to thank @traciyork again, as well as the team behind @hivebuzz. Managing the event every month must be hard, I pray that my thanks feel rewarding in a way.

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