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Throwback travel - Zeitz MOCAA


Part one

During high school, I studied fine arts and during this time I got to visit my first art museum and from the very first one... I fell in love... art museums are one of my absolute favourite activities to do, it is the greatest experience spending hours enjoying other peoples art and gorgeous creativity! So back in 2019 when I was visiting Cape Town, I was determined to visit the Zeitz Mocaa museum of contemporary art!

At first I was completely devastated to find out the price of the tickets to visit the museum as it was incredibly out of my budget (insert sad face) Lucky for me though, I have the most incredible sister-in-law who did some deep dive and found out that on a certain day during the week, as a South African citizen, if you produce your ID you get into the museum for absolutely FREE!! I mean... BARGAIN!!

I was beyond excited and of course we had a sister date booked!

So... any other South African citizens that would like to take advantage of the free access and you have some time during the week, there are a few ways to get free access...

  • Free for under 18s

  • Free on any Tuesday to Sunday during your birthday month.

  • Every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm

Just remember to take your South African ID to get your free entrance and have the most amazing day, it is 100% worth the visit!

The building itself is so fascinating, the building itself is created from historic grain silos and some incredible architectural design. A magnificent structure that resides at the V&A Waterfront.

Outside the entrance there were these "pin-wheel" type of objects, its a pretty epic chair, when you sit, it spins around and is the strangest feeling but brings out such a child-like joy... if you are not into art and are not interested in going into the museum to enjoy art, at least pop round to the museum and sit in the spinny chair for a good giggle!

On the lowest levels of the museum are some cool notes to the old industrial, grain silo building... like this wheel that I don't really know what the purpose is...

This incredible artwork was in the entrance and the photograph does not depict the true size of it... truly, it was huge...

I want every light bulb in my entire house to look like this lightbulb, its like a clump of bubbles and I love it!

Another fun fact about me is that I hate public bathrooms, they are generally disgusting and I hold my breath the entire time. The bathrooms in this museum were so cool though... each stall and opposite basins were different colours and I fell in love... a bathroom selfie was a necessity!

Walk up to the roof of the museum and enjoy the view of Table Mountain!

Still here tomorrow to high five you yesterday...

This was one of the exhibits that was on display when I visited, it was pretty interesting!

This is just a small taste to some of the artworks that we saw and enjoyed that day, I may need to pop up another post to admire the art and give some incredible South African artists a shoutout! I could honestly admire artworks for hours long and forget about the rest of the world, it is such a great escape! Thank you to every artist out there for creating more beauty.

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