Ask Leo : Are long term investment more beneficial and safer than short term investment?

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Akinola Williams Abraham
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Many mistakes I think amateur crypto investors make is because they literarily try to invest so quickly and make money from their investment immediately. Source Many times and I think is the best is to take the crypto system as a long term investment because only then will you make the most out of the crypto industry. Long term investment are mostly more beneficial and safer than short term investment and I will just talk about some that I know of. To become a crypto millionaire you have to be a long term investment in the sense that you look at the chart with a long view and then get a strategy that will help you out in that phase and that's technically by using DCA(dollar cost averaging) to counter the high volatility and help you acquire more wealth in the meantime but short term investment would not give you the edge of making more money than a long timer and also you are likely to lose more money than a long term investor.

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