Patience as an investment asset

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today we had another blood both on the market. I've seen so many discussions on this and how much money has been lost today or wiped out a lot from the cap.

In my view it did not happen anything, as the only ones who lost, have been the ones who sold today. Most probably we will see our BTC reporters in here, that more liquidity was taken out of the market and that Grayscale purchased all the BTC mined the past 5 years to a discount.

If you are a long term investor, stop checking the marketcap for the next months. Clear,there might be opportunities where you could sell now and then buy back in. It is a good probability that it can be achieved. A few weeks ago I was doing this with a portion of my holdings. Now, as I did my fair share, I just hold. Stacked or locked into pools to produce more. Well, I still have a lump sum for special occasions or small trades, but nothing worth mentioning.

I will try to accumulate more and add them to the stack. Like the silver stackers are happy with their quarters, I'm happy with my tokens. We will see big swings this year and the best is to let them pass without risking what we have. I've learned this from poker, where the best thing after a winning streak was to go for a 2-3 days break after the first 4 loses in a row. 4 times loss for me meant that I've tilted and did not think clearly. So the best thing that I've done was to let it slip for 2-3 days.

Most of the high gainers are very patient. In almost every field, like in sport, the champions wait for the right time to make the best move. On the financial markets it is also, champions like Grayscale make their move. So either you buy more and if you are like me,with nothing left to buy from, be patient and wait, don't sell.

Do you feel the market pressure and FOMO or you are patient waiting for the next 5-10 years, where the seed planted today will ripe? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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