Why a Small Percentage of Bitcoin Could Change Your Life

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We are good luck people that surely we are holding a small percentage of Bitcoin as our investment. The investment in Bitcoin is not much but have meaning amd importance in our lives.

There is much demand of Bitcoin in the future as people slowly comes to know. Let's do a simple math that the world population is around 7.9B people and the total supply of BITCOIN is 21M which may be around 3-5% of the worlds population.

This indicates that how powerful Bitcoin is. The price for BTC is around $26K which only 3% of the world population have invested. If only 20% of the world population start investing in Bitcoin where will the price go?

Its about 7 times and the price for BTC is expected to be in Millions. Therefore, get one before its gone. If you not invest today you will regret tomorrow.

This is because the technology that supports Bitcoin has better future and the potential to emerge all the technologies of the world. The Blockchain technology is more preferred by the people of the world because of its Decentralization.

Which is another plus point of Bitcoin where no any government or entity can take control to this coin and others wallet. The limited supply of Bitcoin makes it more stronger for investment.

Bitcoin requires a lot of work to produce 1 BTC and the supply is limited. Now leets compare it to FIAT which is the world's strongest currency right now. For FIAT it requires no work to produce more. Its supply is infinite which means as many it can be printed.

Keeping in mind that a coin whose supply is limited is more better then the one which has unlimited supply. That is why i like investing in Bitcoin the most. I want to see the same thing in HIVE but unfortunately there is unlimited supply for hive as well.

Bitcoin Making Waves In The Financial World

But what makes hive better then other coins is its burning mechanism and the support of stable coin HBD. Another good thing is the reward system which pays a passive income of 3% to beat inflation. This is the only case if you hold HIVE POWER.

#bitcoin is making waves in the financial world and changing the poor economy towards better. This is the crypto coin which will bring back employment rate to its peak. Currently, we are facing high inflation and unemployment issue is at its rise.

No doubt, the evolution of #bitcoin will ends up inflation and help jobless people provides with better job and that is online. Hive is one of the examples of the evolution of Bitcoin and around thousands or hundred of thousands people are earning from this website.

What do you people think about Bitcoin is it changing financial situation of the world? Do you think the next generation will be more attracted towards Bitcoin and blockchain technology? Will be glad to see your answers in the comment section.

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