Accumulating SPS & Vouchers in Splinterlands

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I am not just a player in the splinterlands game but also I am an investor with a long-term mindset. I keep on accumulating multiple assets in the game and I am hoping there this is going to happen for a long time. I have already completed over 3 years on this platform but I never felt that my collection is good enough and I can stop adding more. This is because the amount of development is quite high on this play-to-earn project and many new things should be part of our account for better growth.

I hold almost every digital asset in the game including the node validator license which I think is the most expensive one in the ecosystem. Although it has not been enabled I am sure it is going to be done within this year and that is when we will get to know how the use case will be for this license in the game. With a license, there is a good thing unable to earn vouchers and SPS tokens every day just for holding the license. All though I jump a bit late on the train when the price for SPS was down else I can see a lot of people have made their investment free as they were able to buy the license in the presale or the beginning. Most of cases early investment is always profitable and with a license, I can say that yes it was much more profitable in the beginning.

Node License Daily Reward

Every day I get approximately 21 SPS and four vouchers as a reward for holding the license. This reward keeps on reducing as part of the inflation in the game which I think is a good move to keep control of unlimited distribution. I did the license in October which means I am about to complete 5 months so I got more than 3k SPS in total. I also got approximately 600 voucher tokens and I have been holding it all since then.

SPS & Voucher Holding

Here is my holding for SPS and vouchers where as I am holding 88k SPS and 738 vouchers in total. I have a goal for SPS that is 100k and I hope that I will be able to achieve it in the next few months. There are a few years that I follow through my holding and one of the best ways is to reinvest the amount I earn from the game and also deposit whatever reward I earn every day. I have set up my account on auto so every day whatever you generated through the holding is deposited automatically so there is no manual intervention. It is because I do not want my tokens to be sitting idle in my wallet and this is the reason I have taken help from technology that saves a lot of time for me.

As far as vouchers are concerned, I am not sure what price we are going to see but I anticipate that once there's a promotional sale then we can surely see better prices. I hope if it will take another couple of promo sales then my voucher holding will reach 1000 approximately.

The process for accumulation will continue the same way it has been going on because I did not want to disturb you instead whenever I see the opportunity to buy from the market then I do it and add it back to my stake in the game. The market is the best time to create and build value which I am trying to do and this is just a plan because we can't predict the future. The plan is just to build something that can bring more profitability in the next bull cycle. It might happen or might not that I cannot comment as of now but I am happy to follow the discipline in my investment and will continue to do the same in the future. I am hoping that I will be able to add more assets to my game account this year because the prices do which I think is a good opportunity by as you just possible.

Thank you

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