GLX Validator Node License Sale in Genesis League by Splinterlands

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The development is in progress on the Genesis League game by Splinterlands. I often see the mentioned updates by the team and seem that they are trying to finish it as early as possible. I am keeping a close I on this game to see the updates because I expect that it is going to be a great game on the blockchain after the card-based game by splinterlands. It's always a good idea to join the game in the initial days post-launch because later on the might be more people and things might be not the same.

It is highly expected that the game is going to be live this year and with this, another option will be given to the players who are big-time fans of splinterlands. I do not know how to play the game because as of now the information is not available but if one seat is launched then I am sure it will be available in advance for all of us.

GLX Validator Node License

I hope we remember the scenario when the validator node license for SPS was launched and it was sold in very less time. Similarly, we are going to have a GLX validator node license sale, and h for the presale 1000 licenses will be sold out at 1000 GLUSD along with 500 GLGT. It seems like they will be another rush in the sale once it is launched and I will see how I can make benefit from this opportunity as I had missed SPS. I was able to buy the license for SPS not the validator later on but could not get the opportunity to buy during the presale. It is because a lot of people tried buying and it got sold out they did not give me the opportunity to buy in the presale.

Presale will consist of 1,000 node licenses at $1,000 GLUSD (valued at the time of sale kicking off) + 500 GLGT. Airdrops for SPS node holders will happen in Tranche 1 (snapshot to be taken date the presale ends). Logistics around the airdrop to be confirmed.

This time my plan is to be ready for the purchase because it will be available for 1000 US dollars approximately and I want to keep that fund aside so that I can buy one license easily.


License AirDrop

Another good thing is that team will be doing the airdrop for the license to the SPS license holder and a snapshot will be taken post the presale ends. Is pay they are going to give the opportunity to everyone who is holding the license so that they can take benefit. Multiple benefits for the people holding licenses in SPS, as well as GLX, and this, is a reason why I want to own both in my account. There is no clarity about the date and even we do not have any tentative date for the launch so we just need to be active and see what are updates coming through. I currently own one SPS validator license and am happy to hold it however the second license is still part of my plan but I am not able to executive till now.

The reason why I am not able to buy another one is that I am running short of funds and one side managed then will surely go for another license because the kind of earning it is generating is worthy. Maybe the case that the current value is not high but I consider it for the long term and that will be the time when will be significant.

There are multiple assets in the game and the license is going to be expensive and I believe as far as I am aware. The good thing is that holding the license to always being rewarded for the holders and there is no such end to this. Once the service is launched then also it is going to be rewarding and we can be part of this project and decentralized infrastructure.

Thank you

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