On my way to have 15k GLX Stake and adding more to earn 102% APR

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Have you heard the name Genesis League Sports? If not then let me tell you a bit about it. This is an upcoming game on this platform and I would like to highlight here that the game is being developed by the splinterlands team. The play-to-earn segment is still growing in the crypto segment and I believe we are yet to see its best. We have seen significant growth in the last bull market but that was just the beginning I believe because there is a lot that we are going to see in the next few years. Just imagine that we can earn real money through the game which was not a possibility until a few years back but now we know that it is possible. This is no less than an opportunity for us to explore this segment and find out something which matches our interests.

GLS is an upcoming Game

Genesis League Sports (GLS) is an upcoming game on the hive network and its built by the splinterlands team. This is one of the teams we can rely on because they have proven themselves and card game is the best example. I have been playing card games for the last four years approximately and my experience has been amazing since day one. I am excited about this upcoming game because I hope this is also going to bring a lot of opportunities for us to be part of and build a decent portfolio. While we're not sure when we are going to have the game live Bert the token sale has already started for the project and even they have launched their license sale on their website.

GLX is a governance token

GLX is the governance token of this game and this was launched last year in oct month. The AirDrop has been ongoing for almost six months and since it is one year AirDrop so we are going to have it for another half of the year. I get GLX tokens every day as part of my sps holding and I do accumulate everything that I earn because I believe it is going to be much more valuable later on. The current price is low because I believe many people are booking the profit as they consider it free money but I don't think the same. I believe now is not the right time to sell instead it is the time to buy and build a significant holding. Once we have the game then it will boost the price for sure because then we are going to have the use case in the game which will increase the demand for the token.

GLX Holding

this is the snapshot of my current GL X holding and I am about to have 15,000 tokens in total. Currently its 14492 but soon it will be 15k which is just a matter of a few days. I do not have any specific goal for the GL X but whatever I get is deposited and start earning an apr of 102% which I think is amazing. How can we expect such a high apr in the crypto market this is the reason why we should not be missing the opportunity to put in as many as tokens possible and earn a great reward for us. If we do a simple calculation then at this apr we will get our token doubled in one year however it is expected that the percentage will go down when more people accumulate GLX tokens.


I can say that the current price is a big NO to sell instead its a great time to buy because the price seems to be at the bottom already. We dont get such earning opportunities in the market and I see this as an opportunity of making a good profit. This is also a governance token so we can expect some nice benefits down the line. I believe in sps and similarly, I follow the same strategy for GL X as well so I am going to accumulate both the tokens as much as possible and wait for the right time when I can get some additional benefits on the same.

I expect that team should be sharing an update on the development of the game and they should also share the expected date of game launch. It is expected that the game will go live this year only but so far they have not provided any tentative date for the same. Stay tuned for more updates about the game.

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