Proposal for Anti-bot measures in Modern Game format in Splinterlands

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A proposal is currently live on Splinterlands and it is about implementing anti-bot measures in the modern game format. This is an interesting proposal where the community is asking the team to build something that can control bots in the modern format so that only real players get the opportunity to play the game and earn rewards from the reward pool. There are two types of formats in the game including modern and wild so anyone can play in any format depending upon their preference and even during the season players can make a change whenever they want to.

The Anti-bot proposal

It seems like in the current situation there are more bots playing in the modern format rather than wild where it is difficult for the real players to win over bots. Boards are programmed in such a way that it is difficult for the real players to win over them and This is why probably the majority of players are frustrated I haven't expected something to be in place that can control bots in the game format.

This is the 28th proposal so far and voting will close in 4 days so if you SPS holder, then you should vote within the period and choose the option you like. This was published on 27 April 2023 and it's almost passed as 67% of people have voted in favour of this. Now since this is kind of approved but we still need to wait for 4 days to see the final outcome and then only we can conclude.

I voted for the proposal

I have voted for the proposal to support it and its because I want more real players to play the game. I am not against bots because this helps us to save time. Bringing the anti-bot measure in a modern format makes it a better model for the players and then bots will move to wild format. Although this proposal seems to be passed even without my vote so it hardly matters whether I voted or dont because it has got slightly more support than it required.

Proposal is a power in the hands of the Community

this proposal is a great way to keep power in the hands of the community because anyone can create any proposal and it will be implemented if the same is supported by the community. Creating a proposal does not make any difference unless it is supported by the community and if it is good then there are higher possibility that it will get the support. There are some guidelines that need to be followed while creating a proposal but altogether it is quite easy and anyone can post the same for community support. Earlier only the team used to create such proposals but now anyone in the game can do it which I think is a great option that has been provided by the team.

It is not that every proposal is supported because I have seen some of the proposals in the past that were not supported which means that the community is paying attention and they support only whatever is good for the game. Because of this mechanism, we have seen much good development and implementation in the game and I'm sure there will be a lot in the future which will make splinterlands an even better game and a fantastic platform for us.

There are so many things going on in the game these days including lands and I look forward to seeing how they are going to unveil this additional part in the game and how it will make the gaming experience even better. While the team is working on land development but they are also working on two additional games which are expected to go live this year. They have not shared any tentative date for the launch but most likely it is expected to be live for re-players within this year. With these people are going to get more options in the game so choose whatever you like to play depending upon your interest and preference and even for the investors there will be more options to invest in various digital assets.

Now since there are four days left for the voting window closer and I expect that there will be no big impact on the voting so it will get approved and then when we are going to have this anti-bot mechanism in place for modern players.

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