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RUNI, An NFT card on splinterlands game. Although every card in splinterlands is an NFT this is different. This was an experiment by the game to launch its first-ever nft card on the Ethereum network. I still remember that when the whitelisting was started and a lot of people applied for that and I was not able to get the slot because it was given a limited number of slots for the whitelisting. Probably people were aware that this was going to be a rare card in the game with a significant value later. Because this is built on the Ethereum network so price will be in the form of an ETH coin.


A total of 6500 RUNI NFT were minted at that time and the total supply was not exhausted during the general sale. The remaining supply for the NFC was burnt. This card is a special edition in the game because this has some fantastic ability as well as this can be kept in the Ethereum network we can also use it as a card in the game. Now since we are expecting the launch of land this month and once lands are available the importance of this card is going to grow a lot. It will be offering a bunch of benefits on land and probably this is why the demand for this card is high in the card and very few people are selling in the open-sea marketplace.


It's been one year since the launch of Runicore NFT and for the whitelisted user, the price was 0.19 ETH and in general sale, it was sold for 0.38 ETH. I have been tracking the price in the marketplace but I never saw the whitelisting price in the market that means everyone who was whitelisted is in profit if he/she sells the RUNI. Some people got the opportunity to buy more than one RUNI and I think this was good luck for them because many people also did not get the opportunity to get one. A total of 3,521 Runi NFT was available across and the rest were burnt. Undoubtedly this is an expensive nft in the game and probably because of the high pricing many people did not participate but still a good number of people took part which was a good decision by them.


Let's check out the NFC price in the market as of now when the project is already 1 year old. It was launched in October month 2022 and now since we are on November two thousand twenty-three after one year it is worth seeing how this has done in terms of the NFT pricing in the market.

Opensea Market Place

Although not many NFT cards are listed in the marketplace for sale and as of now only 42 NFTs are listed for sale in the marketplace. The lowest price is 0.23 ETH and this is just one however for others the prices are high. I don't know if this is a good price or not but if we do the comparison between the whitelisted pricing then it is higher. If we also do the comparison between what was the gender sale price then it is really good because there is a reduction of 0.15 ETH in this price. I'm not sure to buy this as of now but it can be a good deal for anyone interested to buy this nft that can be a good holding.

The floor plays for this ineffective in the marketplace is 0.23 ETH and the total ethereum holding for all the circulating RUNI is 755 ETH. Below is the snapshot taken from the open sea marketplace where we can see that there is a total of 1282 unique owners which is 36% in total. Many people are holding more than one nft and it is a great deal for them once we have lands available in the game.

I have played some battles randomly in the game and the opponent player was with a Runi card. Every time I played against this card I lost the battle because it brought some different characteristics in the game which is not common, and this is what makes it a special card in the game. While the card is good for the battle play in the game it is also going to be great with the lands going live and I expect that the price might go up soon.

I do not own any RUNI but this is the price where I can think about it but to be honest as of now I have not decided anything. The amount I need to pay for this is not small and this is the reason why I need to think about it whether I can buy it or not but whoever did have certainly made a great decision. I think that the demand for this card will always be on and after the lines go live this is going to increase which can also be seen in the price increase.

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