Splinterlands Validator License available at discount

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Splinterlands Validator License is a good option for the long term and I bought one last month. There is daily reward distribution for every license holder and it does not require any manual intervention. Currently, it pays 4 vouchers and 21.75 sps tokens every day for each license. The current market is down so this value may not be big but I dont think that its bad. Its because I get approx 650 SPS and 120 voucher tokens in a month. This value is approximately one hundred dollars in a month and it means if you buy one license that costs around 1k usd as per the hive engine price.

I did buy my license for almost $2000 and at that time the price for a hive was 50 cents. I did not know that this price can come down further and even at that time there was a lot of competition in the market which was pushing the price high. We do not know how things will turn out to be in the market and I purchase one license for almost 4000 give.

License is certainly a long-term investment that anyone can buy because with this you will always get passive income and needless to say that once the price will improve then this earning will also improve. Even if I consider the SPS accumulation which means I am getting approximately 8k sps in a year. Just imagine if the price grows in the next few years for the SPS then it is going to be used and I am sure that you will be happy with the decision of buying one license that coasted you $2000 or even less.

There are two ways to buy this and these are the hive engine or from the shop in Splinterlands. I would suggest buying from the open market because we are the price is low and as per the current price, you can get one for approximately 2900 hive. The current value for this 2900 HIVE token is worth 1050 usd. I am happy that I own one license but somewhere I think I should have waited for some time it is okay because it is the market and we do not know what will happen the next moment.


This license is helping me to increase my SPS holding which is going to help me add more value to my game account and event to accumulate more SPS through the apr. The current apr is approximately 25% which includes voucher along with SPS.

There are multiple things in the game ecosystem and the license is one of the good stuff that one can consider for the long term. I try to accumulate more assets in the game and cards are anyways the ones I am trying to increase further but side by side I am also trying to add more assets to my portfolio. I have a long-term vision for the game and the current bear market is not affecting me at all because I know that things will grow and improve in the next few years.

I have planned for another license but it will not be possible for me to buy one soon because I am running short of funds. Although the license price is low you still have to pay more than 1000 USD which is not a small amount. I was trying to accumulate more HIVE comes through the GLX but its price also dropped and my plan did not go through till the end.

Thank you

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