SPS Staking with 51% APR- A Decent Option for Passive Income

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SPS airdrop has crossed 100 days and all these days have been so much fun because the token price has gone down to almost $0.25 and even higher to almost $1. So there has been a lot of price fluctuation with SPS and now its price is at $0.48 and its surely the low price of the token. SPS is Splintershards token of splinerlands and this token we can either buy from the market or can get airdrop if we hold game assets including other tokens like SPT or DEC. So far SPS is the biggest airdrop ever that I have come across and I don't expect something like this in near future. May be upcoming SPK token can be the same but difficult to predict as of now.


Above is the SPS chart and There is a continuous price drop that I am watching it closely. If it drops further then I am going to buy some tokens and and I will put these tokens in the game so that I can start earning APR of more than 50%.

Its been 109 days of SPS token airdrop today and the token price is $0.47 where it was pretty close to the $1 range couple of weeks back. The VOUCHER token airdrop is coming to end and probably this is one of the reasons why SPS price is dipping because people might have got good number o tokens to buy CL packs. Maybe some people who are getting free tokens every day, think that SPS has no value but I think differently.

SPS is a governance token on the same and I am sure there will be many more use cases of the token in the future. Voucher token price is pretty good in hive engine and many people are booking the profit. Because the price is nice so anyone can think of it but I am sticking to my plan and will use all my vouchers to buy CL packs only. The first one is ofcourse the VOUCHERS that we are getting every day which will run for 30days. Voucher is a high-value token and there is almost 1 token is airdropped if 3500 SPS approx got staked and based on vouchers holding we will be able to buy CL packs.


SPS apr is more than 50% (51.72% to be presice) and its way better than any other option availble in tradiitonal market and even now its helping the earning of more vouhers tpkens whichs is another plus.

As of now, VOUCHER's price is 22 HIVE which is slightly less as compared to what we had in the beginning but even this price is quite high. I could not buy any voucher but once distribution is over then I will make the total of minimum 100 vouchers so that I can get 10% promo offer. I will also use SPS payment option which will entitle me additional 10% benefit.


As I mentioned that I have plan to buy voucher so looks like soon price will be down as I cna majority of holders are selling their voucher. Here is the trade history and we can the trend here so I epxect with this price is expected to go down and may go beyond 20 hive.


As of now I am clear that I will be buying 100 CL packs and for that I will use vouchers I already have and will buy some from the market. I am keeping a close eye on SPS as well as DEC and whichever token's price will drop then I buy.
Like I mentioned that we can earn an APR of 51% on SPS and it is way high. In the traditional world earning double-digit internet is very tough and in the crypto space it looks like we can earn this much easily and there are bunch of options available.

Thank you so much.

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