What makes Splinterlands a better Blockchain Gaming Platform

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I am one of the Splinterlands game players and I play the battles every day. We may call it a growing project as we have also seen the significant growth during the last bull run. They launched their governance coin and it's value was grown to almost 1 USD. This value stayed for qui a long time and later more people started selling which resulted in price dip.

As a player I can say that this is a leading gaming platform on the blockchain and there are some reasons why I like believe in the game and this time the growth is going to be even bigger.

Active Community

Community is one of the biggest assets with Splinterlands and I have never seen this kind of active and enthusiastic gaming community elsewhere. It's a big family indeed but there is one thing that makes bigger difference and even this is something you will rarely see. Here we have two types of people and these includes players and investors. I am sure you know the difference and I need not to explain much here. I am player but I am also an investor but there are many people who have invested heavily but they don't play.

Assets Diversification

This is a card game which means if we want to the higher level gaming then we need to have high level cards and for this we have 2 options. One, we can buy cards and play whenever you feel like. We need to pay once and keep on playing as much as we want. The another


The team is so active on the development side and they are also the ones who always follow proactive approach. They come up with ideas which are needed for the community and they do it very in advance so that players are always engaged and enjoyed gaming at fullest. While they keep on building multiple things at a time but along with these they launch some promotional list of which is another Plus and brings more investment opportunities for the people who are looking for different options to invest in the game.

Upcoming excitement in the game

For now lands and node validator licence are the two things that I am excited about. It is highly expected that we are going to have both this year and I believe things are going to be much more fun from the players and investors point of view. I am eagerly waiting for the lands expansion and enablement which will bring a different aspect in the game however as of now nothing much had been shared by the team but hopefully this should be done soon. They have already launched lands 1.5 and with these it is clearly seen that they are working hard on this development to make it available for the community and since we are in the beginning of this year so hopefully we will be having it in the same here.

Validator licence is another is tough that I am excited about and I own one licence. I am happy to receive whatever daily reward I get but I hope that it is going to be even more interesting once they enable the service and then how this validator licence will work in the game ecosystem. They have also launched presale for GLS validator node and the sale is going on but as of now I have not decided if I am going to buy this. I am running short of funds but if I manage then will think about buying it later.

This is one of the fantastic game that I am bullish upon and it's the only blockchain game that I am part of. I play everyday and spend some time on the battles which has become a daily routine of my life. I also invest time to time on various assets whenever I see a better opportunity because we get it often. I am confident that my journey on this game is going to be even better with the amount of development and innovation happening on the project.

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