Saturday Savers 2023 Progress Report Week 22

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It's Saturday already ! This was another of those "where did the week go ?" weeks.... it's time for my weekly update !

If you're not familiar with SaturdaySavers, it's a fabulous initiative run by @shanibeer writing as @sally-saver on the @eddie-earner account, where we all support each other in getting to our savings goals.

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I'll start with this week's table of growth;

There were a few highlights this week;

  • HIVE dipped in price, which enabled me to buy some more with fiat.
  • Being able to buy the extra HIVE meant I was able to power up 800 on HPUD, which was awesome.
  • Doing such a large power up meant I hit two goals simultaneously; I hit my Hive Power goal for the year, and Dolphinned up. Nice !
  • HBD interest came in, at 18.29, which is the best yet. I'm hoping to get to 20 HBD interest next month.

I've got one question where I'd value everyone's feedback; should I adjust my goals for the year, since we're coming up to the halfway point ? Or does it make more sense to leave the goals where they are, and just see how far above them I can get by the end of the year ?

I'm going to give myself an additional task to think about and work on over the next few weeks. I'm going to look at what I post and where, and see if I can tweak it to get better results.

The posts I make are thoroughly enjoyable to write, but the reality is that they don't get much in the way of rewards and I'm not convinced many people actually read them. This is reflected in the way that my reputation is definitely lagging behind where it ought to be; I appreciate that's just an ego thing, so not the end of the world, but it would be nice to see it climbing a little faster. More importantly, I need to refine my writing style, what I write about, where I post, and how often I post. Shorter, punchier posts might be faster to write and get better traction !

In the meantime, keep on Hiving and saving, my friends !

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