Diamond 1st & Jinxology 2.04

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Alright ladies and gentlegents, time for another master class in jinxology.

Yes, your mans has finally reached Diamond the 1st for the first time in many, plenty, beaucoup months even. So it's with nigh humbleness that I present to you my latest achievement. Now observe, feast your imaginations and most importantly, send Legendary vibes to those to be mine chests.😎

And with 20 something hours to go, 70+% ECR left and 40 chests already locked in, seems the Splintergods have their claws in me this season. So who knows, might stack more in Diamond 1st, might end up on the Champion's leaderboard. The lower end but the Champion's leaderboard nonetheless... Or more likely fall back to Diamond 2nd, I don't teach a mastercourse in jinxology for nothing after all. 2.99$ a month.

Anywho, currently I'm in the 40/70 club, few more hours I reach the 40/90 club and start balling battling out. God willing the jinxes will be damned and I end up with a chip post season.


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