Hive has never been harder to stack

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And that's a good thing.

Finally, after almost four years since that all time high when we were a community hovering around a centralized, ineffective, house of cards kind kind of coin, the crypto market is beginning to recognize the value that Hive as a coin, a community and a developer environment, holds in terms of long, hodling value.

And it seems that people don't want to miss on this train.

Aren't you glad you have been here since forever?

Or well, at least for a long time now, I actually know very few people that have stuck with Hive through the high and lows, the rainy season and the dry season(S). 99% of you, including me, weren't here for the genesis of the project, but I know quite a lot of people who found out about Hive back in the OG days, right when the hype of the launch faded off and the posts worth thousands of dollars stopped happening, and the real grind began.

Taking a couple of overdue and well deserved breaks but never actually leaving, I can say that I have been part of the Hive community in one way or another for more time than most Hivers, and I've experienced a lot, both in public forums and private/secret, and one thing I can say to all of you that are reaping the results of years and years of enduring hard times, which were definitely way more than the good ones - not because of the community or the projects, but because of the undervalued price of our token.

We are finally at a price that at least recognizes how valuable this Blockchain is, and despite still being undervalued at $2.50 USD per Hive, we are getting there, more rapidly than slowly and steady - which is something I'm not a huge fan of, but let's hope it stabilizes some time soon before the real bull market.

But now Hive has become incredibly hard to stack

For your average Joe, not for witnesses or the OG crew that has secured automatic votes on their posts, but for the newbie who wants to stack Hive long term it is going to be a huge odyssey.

I remember that every time the Hive price crashed, and since back then I was perhaps a top 10 most influential Hiver, I used to write about how people shouldn't get discouraged about the price, that their mindset should be focused on stacking Hive for the long term, that no matter how little their posts made, they shouldn't stop posting, commenting and engaging, because at some point all that hard work would pay off.

Every single time. Price down = Anomad writes an encouraging post.

Hive was easier to stack. Hive was easier to see as a long, long term investment whether you used time or money to do it.

But now, Hive looks like a long term (without the extra long) time or money investment, but also as a sustainable mid-term time investment.

In my opinion, which is not one from a crypto expert but one from a dude that knows his basic economics and finance just enough, we are at a price - actually since we were at $2 - to make Dapps focused on newbies and normies actually attractive to their eyes. Funding, tools and even perception play a huge role here, and I plan on getting a piece of that market. Not yet, but soon.

Hive is harder to stack, but post payments are over the roof

This comes from someone that despite not making thousands of dollars a week from Hive posts like some others, I am still receiving an incredible amount of rewards thanks to this price rocketing and the automatic voters that set me as a beneficiary (thanks a lot by the way) thanks to my post quality.

But, as one of the most benefited Hivers around thanks to this price mooning, I have a simple topic to bring your attention to.

Do we really want $300 posts worth of rewards from a long term perspective?

I mean, yes. Those who receive constant upvotes deserve them, nothing is for free and if you grinded for years now is the time to collect, I am definitely not questioning the value of anyone's posts, but let me ask you this.

Remember when you heard about Hive and you saw the very same people on trending and thought the game was rigged and nobody could reach those levels? And how your 15 cents were nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars other people's posts made, and how they were always the same people?

Well, we are coming to a state where that could be the case. The price has rocketlaunched, but the vote percentages and the automatic votes haven't been modified by most voters, making what was once a $50 dollar difference be a $150 difference between the post from the newbie and the post from the OG.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not messing with anyone in particular here, and I actually believe that $100 per post is definitely more than fine, even if it is daily or twice a day, but what I don't understand and never did was: Is any post really worth $300, or even more, is a daily post really worth $250?

Spread the love, spread the votes.

I've been saying this since I have a Hive memory, and I actually made a post on June 1sr, 2017 talking about this, and it made more rewards than almost any other post of mine (ironically).

Check the post, it is worth it, and the same ideology still applies to this day

And before you start pointing fingers at me and saying with a childlike, naggy voice, "Well anomad, you make a lot of rewards since the price mooned" please understand what I am saying, I am not talking about you, or me, or anyone else in particular.

I'm just saying: You voting power influence just tripled in a week. Consider spreading the love, spreading the votes, stop voting at 100% VP, or 50%, or 20%. Cut your usual votes to half, and use that other half to encourage the newbies (which hopefully will be hundreds if not thousands thanks to this price rise). I don't mind if you bring your automatic vote to half on my posts, as long as you use that VP to focus on small accounts.

The price has made possible to spread the rewards even further

I want to be 101% clear, I'm nowhere near saying that we are doing things incorrectly or that we are making mistakes, I actually love what Hive has grown to be, but if I notice a trend, all I can do (and must) is point it out.

Do we want to be the Hive community that makes it easier for new users to get encouraged by spreading our vote, or do we want to be perceived as a gatekeeping community that makes things very hard for newbies to stack Hive?

After all, Hive has never been harder to stack.

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Edit: I just noticed that @themarkymark just edited his automatic votes to 7% from 10%. This is exactly what I am talking about.

Be like Marky, change your votes percentage. Spread the love, spread the votes.