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source I was listening to a sermon recently, where the speaker made mention of these two words "Financial Connectivity". To my own understanding of the message, it is two words coined together from finance and connection, that is, having the right people around you and getting to connect with them to building and developing yourself in all aspects of life, but the financial aspect in particular and I saw a lot of sense in the message. But do you know if you do not have any value or what it takes to make the right connection or that thing you are bringing to the table, no one would want to have you in their circle of association or connect with you. That is why in our society/community you see the rich connect with the rich because the other do not have what they need. I would not want to connect or be in a circle where I would just be the "Servicer" with so many "Devourers" around me. You think about it, it is not me being selfish here, it is just a matter of who you are "Serving" were/are they willing to learn from you and serve too? This is just a simple illustration. source Let me describe this in a financial language that we all would understand or can relate to. We try to make good connections here with the "Whales" and "Bosses", trying our best to be noticed out there. You and I know what we want and that we will benefit from, but if our good is not good enough in terms of the value of what we are putting out there, we would not be noticed and that is a honest truth and how it works everywhere, in our social lives, working places where no one would want to employ an "empty vessel", educational center where the best student is picked to represent the school, or even in our relationship these days you would not want to date someone who can not even define as simple as "who they are". That’s just how it is. And also, for instance, see a Crypto guru chilling with another Guru because we want the best and learn from the best.

The better strategy to having a good Financial Connectivity is by equipping yourself with good financial knowledge because it takes wisdom to basically know what sells, and if you are not financially endowed with the basis meaning of finance, you would be left in the dark, looming and struggling alone to find your way out. This is why you need to equip yourself with good values because it is what you have you can offer. Attend seminars and meetings and see how others are doing it, read books and develop yourself with them and opportunities will come running to you.

When two or more great minds are involved it keeps the fire burning more. Meetings are great but having a good strategic relationship goals is better, you must be deliberate your line of friendship, who you want to connect with and what you hope to gain because relevant association can shift or change your mindset forever and for good, and by doing this after equipping yourself with good values, you will be serving at the same time gaining more values.

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