Manchester United set to join the blockchain network with partnership with Tezos

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Manchester United being one of the biggest clubs of the premier and also one of the richest has signed a multi-million dollar deal with a blockchain platform Tezos for sponsorship of their training skits, which means that starting from here on out their logo will be part of their training kits.

This means that there’s every possibility of taking sponsorship more than just training kits alone but also moving the club further into the world of blockchain technology and network, like the web3 and also metaverse. The deal was said to worth £20m per year. The promotional videos and material are already prepared and finished by the club and ready to be pushed out after the announcement will be made official by the club and the blockchain platform Tezos.

Manchester United is not the only sporting club the blockchain platform has partnered with, they’ve also partnered with the popular racing brand or club Red Bull. The partnership was to make the Red Bull their first NFT and they released an NFT together with Red Bull to celebrate when Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 World Champion in 2021.

According to Hubertus Thonhauser the CEO of Tezos he said: “The concept of blockchain is evolving, becoming faster, more secure, and more efficient. This requires a blockchain that can keep up with this rapid pace of innovation. As brands everywhere look to engage with their fans in new ways, Tezos remains at the forefront of innovation, providing real-world solutions in a thriving and fast-growing ecosystem.”

By the way, Manchester United is not the only club to partner with a blockchain platform. There are other football clubs to have partnered with a blockchain platform like Chiliz and the partnership also made them release a fan token to reward their fans for their engagements on their app called
For example, Manchester City being a partner released a fan token called $CITY Fan Token, Aston Villa who is also partner also released theirs called $AVL Fan Token, Crystal Palace also released theirs $CPFC Fan Token, Arsenal released $AFC Fan Token, Leeds United wasn’t left out in the partnership and they released their fan token called $LUFC Fan Token and lastly Everton who also released the $EFC Fan Token. Together there are six teams in partnership with Chiliz.

Now let’s take a look at the market value of Tezos the blockchain platform sponsoring Manchester United. According to, Tezos current price is at $3.81 and the marketcap is $3.3 billion and currently ranks #39 at time of writing.

The partnership of sport clubs to blockchain platforms shows that they are gradually moving towards web3 and the metaverse because it won’t just be left alone with just sponsorship deals.

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