Consistency Is Crucial For Growth On Hive!

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Sometimes when we do things as humans, we tend not to look back at the efforts but expect rewards. If we've done this most of the time, we'd undoubtedly be proud of how much progress we make on a daily basis. Rewards however don't always mean money, growth is also part of it, an important factor, however, this is somewhat more about the earnings phase.

At some point during my stay on Hive, specifically Leofinance, I wasn't so consistent with posting and interaction. This exacted a certain negative effect on my account growth. I found it even harder coming back to it, but I'm however glad I did, because lately, I've honestly been enjoying every activity, that's everything in the circle of my account, including number of votes, reblogs, and comments I get on my articles.

I decided to play around and I had to notice something pretty amazing. I noticed I had some really decent rewards on the activities. Yes, I see all the rewards as they come in, but I never actually stopped to sum it up on a 30 days count.

Last month got me on fire literally, there was obviously a lot to talk and write about, so I wasn't bored out in trying everyday, but I however apologize if any of my contents didn't quite meet your tastes by loyal readers and friends, I do my best :)

Last month, I decided to buckle up and test out a consistent blogging challenge, my decision came at the right time as though I stumbled on a certain contest called ctpcontent contest if I'm not mistaken. This did however motivate me since I saw more reasons to keep writing and climb up the chart, to at least complete the challenge rather than end it halfway. Most participants did however reach there before me, but I guess the contest is still on till November, precise date can be found here

If we draw our attention back to the image somewhere above, we'd realize my Hive rewards counted up above $200$ in the last thirty days, and my sub layer rewards counted above $170 so that's $370 in a month, almost $400 just doing the things I've come to love. Let's push our minds away from blogging for a while and fix it on crypto trading, investments and all that. Clearly, there's actually no guarantee of such returns in a month unless there's a huge amount of money being put to work. But unlike the risk therein, one could actually earn better with zero investments, which means zero risks. That's actually crazy and if you think of it, this space is actually paying for one's efforts unlike most sites I've come across that would offer to pay above this amount a day but never pay even 10% of it in three months or sadly a year. It's as bad as that. However, consistency has proven to be the golden rule time without numbers. I won't actually hesitate to bring this to the public often so at least newbies will know that it's possible and it's not about having a wealthy presence but more about the efforts you're putting into it. I'm not saying I'm the most consistent, so I'm definitely not the most rewarded, but I'm definitely somewhere in the list of the satisfied users.

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