Emerging true decentralization for a digital future

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Looking at where the world is positioned and the current driving forces of intercontinental market operations, it would be a joke to think of letting the bodies that ruled over the years and landed us all in this financial jeopardy take over. It sometimes feels like a work of hypnosis how the world tends to entrust the system that hurt them, to heal them. This is currently the case with publicly expressive individuals, driving into the air the notion that this ‘built to be a decentralized system, would be better operate with central involvements.

With the perceived attacks coming in, the industries will only be able to survive, if, it stands for its design. It’s one thing for external forces to invade a system, it’s another to give in to it. Attacks don’t make a setup weak, it rather strengthens it by biting on its weaknesses, this is why, potentially speaking, for a much more secure environment for building and developing projects, the present crypto hacks are very vital events, it opens up room for improvement, a beta testing force is what I call it.

However, the world will only truly embrace decentralization if this idea ain’t abandoned along the line based on maybe fear, government perceived attacks and all them other shits. For a fact, the industry is positioned for a couple of these flaws that often lead to breakdowns of many projects, considering that the most volume trades in the cryptocurrency market are observed to be on centralized exchanges. The effects of this have created some amount of restrictions including assets ownership, for now, a larger percentage of these markets is still centralized, very few are truly 3rd party involvement proof. This is chaos in cryptography, a total disaggregation of the original design.

Emerging true decentralization for a digital future

The vulnerability being the sole flaw in a trillion-dollar market of innovation is the only target to kill. With the ability to adapt to sound options with proven security and flexibility, well reputable projects are the only fallbacks for a shield, the system will never meet at least 80% of its potentials while practical falling under the wings of several central terms.

Take a look at China, for example, most exchanges have stopped offering services to residents of the nation, though this fuels the market in a way, because it gives room for scarcity, every crypto product becomes limited in supply for restricted locations regardless of the minted figures, but still, it does more harm than good on a basic level. The clap down of these operations will however give room to ‘decentralized’ options, this is the only proven merits of all crackdowns that may occur.

That said, the government knows way too much already to keep chasing the system from that angle, so eventually, the industry will have to individual come in accord to move away from central entities, then and only then will crypto embrace its full potential IMO. I suppose this will be easier to achieve considering the roughs that may occur doing this bull season. When all these central bodies begin to manipulate the system and siphon funds, investors will not have a choice other than moving away from such operatives and embracing the system that makes right.

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