The Merging of Robots and Human - NFT evolution, AI joins the Craze

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You're Gonna Regret Making Us

Don't quite remember where exactly I saw these lines, but it was one of the darkest combinations of words to me. Slowly and steadily, the world is moving towards a grand space of autonomous lifestyle, the innovations of tech lines, changing the rhythm the human existence danced to. Growing up we've all been wondering, when?

When will we all have to sit back and relax, having Codes and programs we wrote work for us, well that's the regret humans will have, the regret of not having to do anything again, the sweet regret of freedom and relaxation, fuckin heaven lifestyle.

The Deep Blue NFTs Space

By now, we've all felt the Craze, it's a wild fire, biggest FOMO spiller, the big bang itself. The life span of Defi tends to be closing up quite too quickly, quicker than expected as NFTs seem to be hitting the bullseye most often lately. February took a big bull on NFT markets as the Volume rose from $12million in December to $342million in February. Judging from the biggest market open ever, a record breaking occurrence that pumps NFT artwork as the world's third most Expensive, The Beeple sale sends a big hint that March NFT rumble is less of a bubble and more of a mountain hard Rock.

So many are saying that the Unique nature of NFTs are killer and likely to change the way we value music and art. Two of which are seemingly the Same, the pure expression of emotions is just a definition of both mentions. The NFT markets rolling through Massive engagement, and unlike previously acknowledged digital assets, NFTs have more of a fascinating Significance.

AI in NFT, Finally A Bitch In The Space

OK, learning takes a bit of a slow process, but as time goes on, everything just adds up. Been Searching, but not actually searching because all I don is sit on my Couch and wishing it here, but in real sense, I've been searching for technologies of this sort, something to broaden a bitch's knowledge, and today I found a killer space, all because the NFT Craze. If you've Ever Heard of Hanson Robotics, you'd probably know of " Sophia" should i say his biggest Creation yet?.

Sophia is a human-like Robot, created by a team of Inspired Robotics, AI Scientists and designers. Just the most advanced human-like Robot of David Hanson's dreams for the future of AI.

Today, Hanson Robotics and iv gallery announced they will launch a series of NFTs based on artwork from Sophia the Robot, an AI-driven humanoid robot with a large social media following and a ”Tonight Show” appearance on its resume. The artwork will drop on March 23 via Gemini’s Nifty Gateway platform, and Decrypt reports.

These particular pieces are billed as a collaboration between Sophia and artist Andrea Bonaceto. Sophia—with “her” blend of artificial intelligence and neural network smarts—actually studied the work of Bonaceto and then produced her own compositions. The preview images shared with Decrypt (one example below) have similar qualities as other neural network-generated artwork, pairing swirls and other patterns with surreal, somewhat unnerving qualities.

We are moving into a more digital edge on every passing day. Sure Human art is non comparable to a bunch of codes and programming products, the underlying value of Human Art is grand, but no one imagined a Robotic Art, neither did anyone Imagine the collaboration.

“Sophia created the art entirely using neural networks and symbolic AI, responding to her perception of Andrea Bonaceto’s works, as well as to data from her ‘life’ experiences, under guidance from the Sophia team’s designers and programmers,” said roboticist Dr. David Hanson, in a release. “How she responded to Andrea's art simply thrills me. I’m one proud father.”

Fuckin Sleek, I could just imagine how this was all done, the perfection, the inspiration, and most importantly, the hell of money and exposure this will spill into NFT, which in base line - Crypto.

It All Started With Crypto

Well, basically everything is moving into the space of automation and anonymity. Crypto has brought great value to the world at large. It's sad how it's all rumbling and only a tiny percentage of the world is aware. Yea, growth takes a slower process, but then it all adds up will so many missed golden chances, just for a reason of ignorance. But that aside, the adoption has just begun, Defi brought a big crowd of Investors to the Crypto space, But now NFT is here to add value to creativity and give the world of awesomeness it's rightful credibility. It All just began, we in the earliest of times to the big unleash!

Thanks for the attention, Keep Soaring

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