Financial Goals for 2021 - Aiming for the Moon

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2020 was crazy no matter what perspective you look from! Starting from massive wildfires in Australia and military conflicts all around the world to a virus that would paralyze the lives of billions of people, and a presidential election that would divide people into many different fractions. Luckily for us, the decade has ended and a new one has started, hopefully, bringing some light and abundance to our tables.

In this article, I will lay out my financial goals for the year 2021 which is the year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac. Even though I'm not superstitious with these things, the year of the bull sounds amazing when you're in the crypto because bullish is when the price is moving up and you're becoming wealthier!

With this article, I'm participating in this initiative.

My HIVE Journey So Far

First of all, I gotta admit that I'm using multiple ways (as many of you) to fill my crypto bags and improve my financial situation but the LeoFinance has been the most rewarding so far. During the last four months since I've been here, I've managed to earn and power-up more than 1000 LP, and at the moment of writing this post my account valued at $ 316.63.

Although it's not even the minimum wage in my country, it's a good start for my online journey! Oh, but that's not it, I have also managed to accumulate more than 200 Hive Power, a little less than 900 CTP tokens (also powered-up), and some other hive-engine tokens which could potentially have a bright future.

Some of the HP that I have, I delegated to @leo.voter and @ctpsb to support both of these HIVE front-ends and also to have some additional rewards coming in.

Other Platforms and WordPress Site

As I previously mentioned, LeoFinance isn't the only place you can find me. Boi has to earn and boi has to share his experience with his readers - this has brought me to multiple places, such as Uptrennd, Publish0x,,, and Torum which in my opinion, is the most promising of these places.

I'm trying out all of these places because I have a Wordpress website called where I'm reviewing various apps and Dapps related to earning money online. On my website, I'm adding referral links which right now is the only way I get something in return. Lately, my website hasn't been updated because I'm spending a lot of time here on Leo but I will certainly keep on building it.

One of the goals in 2021 is to create a nice front page for my site so people could easily see multiple ways they can earn money and choose one that fits them the best. I also have to think about monetizing it to be able to pay for hosting but I won't put ads on it because I don't like them and I'm using Brave browser which blocks these ads.

Financial Goals for 2021

In 2021, I'm aiming for the moon to at least get to outer space!

Meaning, I have several goals and while most of them are humble, there are some goals that I set to push myself further once my short-term goals are achieved. It's important to have small goals to get the feeling that you have accomplished something but it's also essential to keep on moving forward, and that's why one of my goals for 2021 is:

  • Get 1 Bitcoin

Why did I say ''get'' and not buy? Because with the current BTC price which is about $31K, I would need at least 40 monthly salaries to afford one Bitcoin. Yes, I have some small amounts right now and if I'm lucky and don't get too emotional, I could double it by selling a part when it's at the top and buying when the dip comes. It's hard to know when it comes, though.

Another way I can get 1 Bitcoin is by improving my website and writing about more crypto projects to get exposure and traffic to my site. With honest work, I believe, anything is possible. Will I be able to get one Bitcoin until the end of 2021? We'll see but it will certainly be a motivation boost for me!

Power Goals

Using HIVE and its front-ends makes you want to have a vote that matters! And that is what makes me want to power-up my earnings here! In 2021, I have goals for various HIVE communities:

  • Power-Up 5000 Leo To achieve this goal, I will need to earn about 4000 Leo in 363 days that are left in this year. When we do calculations and divide 4000 by 363, we get an average of 11 LEO that I need to earn per day in order to achieve this goal. Let's see where this goes!

  • Achieve 1000 HP Although Leo rewards me quite well, it hasn't been the same when it comes to earning HIVE and its power and that is why my goal is to achieve only 1K in Hive Power. Setting goals too high can result in demotivation if things don't go as planned.

  • Power-Up all CTP earnings! CtpTalk has an interesting approach and a small but strong community and I think it's a promising project, that's why I'm powering up all the CTP earnings that I'm getting.

  • Keep Pushing POSH One of the tags I'm using is #posh which means proof of share. When I use this tag in my post and then post it on Twitter, I'm getting POSH tokens. Even though you can't do anything with these tokens right now, we all know that early adopters get the best rewards!

Other Goals

  • Keep writing about Torum and invite 100 mentees. As you may very well know, I'm a Torum Ambassador. Why did I become one? Simply because I enjoy this new platform that is growing at a decent pace despite the fact that XTM tokens aren't yet tradeable. The year 2021 is bringing lots of new things to the platform and I'm really excited about what the future holds! To achieve this goal, I need to invite 81 people which I think is doable, especially after the mobile app goes live. If you're not using Torum, here's my invitation link!

  • Get 1000 Twitter followers Although Twitter is censored as heck, it has millions of users and a lot of content that you can find. Tweeting doesn't pay you anything but having lots of followers means potentially more people reading my articles and using my invitation links. Or tipping me. In the crypto world, anything goes.

  • Remain Noisy and accumulate 1 Bitcoin Cash!
    By now, everyone on Leo knows about platform. In the last couple of days, I have earned about $4 in Bitcoin Cash on the platform. One BCH right now is worth about $ 350 so if I can keep being active there, I think I can achieve this goal by the end of this year. One thing that could stop me, though, is the Leo microblogging platform when it comes out. Until it doesn't, you can find me on noise here.

HODL Coins

HODL (hold on for dear life) can make a difference. There are many inspiring stories out there of people who held their coins despite what happened in the market. Although many people have lost great amounts of money by investing in bad projects, there are many who have changed their lives thanks to crypto and holding it.

I have myself some hodl coins that I'm not selling until they moon!

  • DRC - Digital Reserve Currency Bought a small amount of these coins just a few months back and they have already increased in price by 6 times! What I like about this coin is that it can't be divided by less than 1 DRC. They also have a nice and strong community with great designing skills.

  • RUNE Bought this because of the amount of positive feedback from the Leo community. Since then, this coin has already doubled in price, and from what I read, the future is bright for Thorchain. I'm holding these coins until Leo tells me to sell.

  • RSR - Reserve Rights Token Bought some amount of RSR in the summer and I plan on holding it for a long-term. It's SEC approved and already has real-life usage. Right now, the price is up by 60% since I bought this bag but I plan on holding RSR until I have a decent profit, then sell it and buy back more when it dips (if it does).

  • DOT - PolkaDot They're saying this one will break into the top 5 so why not hodl a coin that could go 10x or more? It's a unique chain with lots of promising projects built on it. Even though I only have a few DOT, I won't be disappointed if they multiply in their worth.

  • Hodling all HIVE-engine tokens This one's obvious. There's no point in selling HIVE or LEO right now as we are growing with every passing day. I'm an optimist and I see a bright future for us. With new games and communities coming here, and an upcoming hard-fork, we're moving forward with a solid foundation under our feet.

Bonus - Goal of the Decade

2021 starts a new decade so why not have a goal for the whole decade that's in front of us? For me, the goal is simple - be financially independent and have multiple income streams. If by the end of 2030, I can quit my day job and fully focus on my online endeavors, it will be a goal achieved. Until then, gotta do some work, learn new things, and show the world that boi can earn money online!

Thank you for reading! Wishing you a productive year ahead! Achieve your goals and do your best!

Truly yours, boi.

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