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Crypto Twitter is enormous and full of information but it is easy to get lost, especially for crypto newbies. Today I'll share with you my top crypto Twitter accounts that I recommend you to follow. None of them are financial advisors but they are all sharing some good stuff. I am thankful for all of these accounts because they have made a great impact on my crypto game.

There is no order to this list and I have probably missed some great accounts along the way. If you have any suggestions, write them in the comment section and maybe I'll add them to this list.

One of the crypto Twitter legends you don't want to miss. He does podcasts and all kinds of other stuff. His plan is an inspiration to many crypto fanatics all over the world. Maybe even beyond.

If you're in crypto and you're using Twitter, you definitely know this guy. If you're new, you should follow him. It's not Kurt himself but if he was alive, he would probably approve of this guy.


A huge amount of followers for the crypto god. Sharing a lot of useful content.

I love this account because of the nice charts that very often come true. In addition to that, coffee trades is sharing some new and promising projects out there.

The Crypto Dog is a little bigger than Cobie but they are both the big names of the crypto Twitter. It sounds silly but it is what it is. These big accounts have a great following and when they shill a coin, it goes up. Almost like Elon power.

A crypto trader and analyst who's sharing useful insights, technical analysis, and more. Can easily learn things from him.

A crypto trader who shares great charts and personal insights. Really bullish guy!

Another crypto Twitter guy with lots of followers. Sharing some nice charts and opinions of the market.

One of the biggest crypto accounts. Famous on TV.

As you can understand from the nickname, this guy is bullish about altcoins. Very often shares nice finds and I love Patrick Bateman profile pic. Impressive movie and book.

This guy is really big and has a lot of haters. Some are even saying he bought the account from the real Scott Melker. Lately, I have been watching his Youtube live streams where I'm soaking up a lot of knowledge. He's also fun and from the looks of it, doesn't sleep too much.

This guy is a really active trader who shares all kinds of stuff. Starting from charts to new projects in which he's aping in.

Another crypto Twitter legend, Kaleo, has proven himself time and time again. Starting from charts to predictions and market analysis. An obvious follow for crypto people.

I guess we can call Michael Saylor a crypto guy now. Probably the richest guy on this list. And laser eyes. He's the founder of Microstrategy who's super bullish on Bitcoin and crypto.

This guy doesn't have a lot of followers but his tweets made me buy Phantasma (SOUL) coin. Thank you, man, the multipliers are great!

Another knowledge-sharing crypto Twitter persona. Go through some of his tweets and you'll find yourself a nice amount of research material.

Bullish crypto guy who's sharing a lot of new and promising projects. And of course, charts.

Just look at the design. Beautiful. Everything else written in the bio. A worthy follow.

Brah is sharing all kinds of crypto content. Deserves a follow.

A crypto guy who shares a lot of information about Uniswap and BSC projects.

One you must follow. Sharing great content, charts, predictions, and all kinds of stuff. Simple follow.

Wonderful charts and pretty accurate predictions. Must follow.

Tweets about Bitcoin. Historical archives and stuff.

Documenting Bitcoin. The fastest-growing BTC account out there.

This guy has great newsletters and Youtube chart analysis. Read rekt to not get rekt.

Well-known crypto trader who shares charts, analysis and is really bullish on EGLD.

Another trader account who is sharing lots of knowledge out there. Gotta do your own research, though. But getting directions is cool.

Super bullish crypto guy who's sharing a lot of bullish content. Simple follow.

A crypto technical analyst who's sharing his analysis and all kinds of other crypto stuff. He's in this since 2017 and has a lot of followers.

Bagsy is also one of the big names. Just check him out.

A bit smaller crypto account but still worth to follow.

This guy is super bullish on DOT and RUNE. Shares some nice insights.

Not a lot of followers but has the tendency to find moonshots early.

Big account sharing charts and technical analysis.

A big account posting some really nice crypto stuff - useful charts, new projects, and more.

Your bull run guide and the person to calm you down. Posting a lot of knowledge and inspiration.

Even if you never had LSD in your coffee, following this trader can become really rewarding!

One of the coolest crypto accounts known for stunning infographics and summaries about various cryptos.

A suggestion from @toocurios. Watched a video and decided to follow this guy. He's been here a long time!

Suggested by @hetty-rowan, a crypto trader who shares some nice charts!

You're probably reading this list on LeoFinance so following Leo on Twitter is a must!

Last but not least is the guy who created this list. He may know something.

Who did I miss?

Reply in the comment section and I'll add this person to the list. Thank you for reading and I hope that you found something interesting for yourself!

Until the next time!

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