My Hive Highlight 2021

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This is an interesting contest and I have so many Highlights that I can share from 2021. Even though the highlights are specific to Hive, I have quite a few on Hive too. As the contest says, I have to share something that is more precise and important of all, I found out something that would be a good fit.

Onboarding friends to Hive

This can sound like a simple highlight but it was definitely hard to do. I made my friends invest in Hive and made them 3X their investment. This I think is a big achievement. I was able to talk to my friends and explain to them about the opportunities Hive can give us and make them invest. They were very hesitant and did not want to invest in something they don't understand. I did give them the basic idea and the main aspect that worked in this was the fact that I was going to manage their assets.

When they agreed to invest, I created accounts for them and received the money in FIAT, and transferred crypto to their accounts. The investment happened when the price of Hive was 50 cents. I was actually pretty scared because even 50 cents was a big number compared to what we saw last year. Hive was around 19 cents for a long time. I was confident and that's why I made them invest at 50 cents.

It was not even a 1-time investment but a couple of times and the price was still around 50 cents. Now that Hive is over 1.5$, their investment is now 3X and they really wish they had invested more. Some are even willing to invest now after seeing their money go 3X in less than 6 months. I have explained to them the fluctuating markets and the risks involved too.

Challenging to onboard people

It has always been a big challenge to onboard people into crypto. Not everybody likes or understands crypto. Many people just talk about Bitcoin and they stop right there. Even though we have thousands of other coins out there, people are so into exploring Bitcoin only. I'm glad that I was able to find a better way to talk to friends and onboard them.

I'm also glad that I explained to my friends about the other earning opportunities we have on Hive and one of the friends even joined the Rising star game and is playing the game regularly. I have to expose them more to other games as well. Some might be interested to invest and some might just keep doing the Free2Play stuff and earn out of it.

This I thought was one of the biggest highlights for me even though I had several other positive experiences on Hive. I wanted to share this as my top highlight from 2021 and hope 2022 will be another biggest year with lots of opportunities and hope to grow. I hope I will also onboard more friends and investors into Hive.

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I'm glad that @guiltyparties came up with a nice contest where we can dig some of our memories and write our highlights. I would recommend this contest to my readers and friends too and I also encourage taking part.

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