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Yet another very busy month and I couldn't push further. I managed to power up 2000 Hive this month as well. I initially thought I should be able to power up at least a minimum of 5000 Hive per month but looks like that is definitely not an easy task but if I don't do that, it can be very hard to reach 100k Hive Power before the end of the year. I wouldn't complain much and would even say that 2000 Hive power is definitely a good power up but I could have done better. Hopefully, in the coming months, things will turn out to be better. After I have completed attaining 100k Hive power, I would start focusing on other coins or other projects.

There is no improvement in the price of Hive in the last 2 months. Last month too I expressed my thought saying that it is definitely a good time to purchase Hive. I personally think that it is still not very late. It is possible to purchase Hive right now at the current market price making it a great deal for the future. In the last few days, the price of Hive has reached 30 cents and stayed stable right there compared to the price of Hive in the last 2 weeks.

I initially thought of saving up all the HBD I get and investing it in something else but it was not a possibility and I had to purchase some Hive with the HBD and power it up. My goal is still on and it is getting challenging day by day to reach the goal.

Last month was a little hectic for me in the crypto world because I had to move some of my stablecoin holdings to another investment plan to make sure it is diversified. There was also some urge for me to liquidate my HBD in savings and focus on other investments. I hope some other day I would be moving the funds back to my savings wallet.

As always I'm keeping a record of all my power ups and this year had been one of the biggest power ups for me. I have been powering up a lot of Hive this year and would be doing the same in the next 2 months too. It is going to be really challenging to keep up with my goals this year because I still have two more months to complete my goal of reaching 100k Hive Power but I'm not going to stress out myself too much because I'm planning to reach 100k Hive no matter what even though the progress is slow.

The rewards I have earned in the last month is similar to the rewards I have earned a month back too. I'm able to see that author rewards and curation rewards are giving more Hive these days. The main reason is because the price of Hive is very low right now which becomes an opportunity to purchase more Hive. The author's rewards are also giving more Hive power compared to how it can be when the market condition is very good.

Above are the stats from my secondary account that might soon become my primary account. The value of Hive earned as the witness rewards is almost similar to what it was last month. Imagine the price of Hive going over 1 dollar and after that, I don't think the number of Hive we get would still be the same. There is always a debate on which one is better either HBD or Hive. Many people ask me which one to invest in. For some of my friends I suggest Hive is better than HBD because they want to stay long term. For the long term, if we hold Hive, there is a high chance that the value can increase and that can increase the returns we get. The HBD in savings is also good because 20% APR is also juicy.

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