Splinterlands - My Weekly SPS goals

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A few days back a new month started and that is the time I review my splinterlands earnings and claim them. I have a decent amount of DEC in the diesel pools and that is what is giving me the SPS. I brought them inside the account and staked them. That's an additional stake for this week. Last week my Voucher sale gave me a decent amount of SPS and this week the revenue from Diesel pools in helping in inceasing the stake.

On the other node as the rental rewards are approaching, I was thinking it would be good to purchase some DEC beforehand so when the sink starts, the price of DEC might improve. I will get an upper hand to sell them in the market for a decent profit. There is still a small confusion in mind if that would work well or not. But it is anyways good to hold DEC and maybe wait for the next bull run to book a profit later. So I'm going to try.

100k SPS

I still have close to 8k SPS to complete the goal. Compared to what I was thinking, it is already moving faster. Most likely I might need less than 8 weeks to complete this goal. We have to also note that if the price of DEC improves because of burning, there is also a high chance that price of SPS can also improve and along with DEC it is also good to purchase some SPS and keep it in stock to sell them when the price improves. But again this is just a prediction. Things can even be on the other side and the market might stay as it is. But again good to experiment right.

After I complete my goal, I was thinking I should be booking my profits from the SPS I earn. But then I'm also tempted to add more SPS to the SPS:DEC pool. So maybe I might focus on that for a while and try to get some more rewards and later start booking profits when the price of DEC and SPS improves. Booking profits is also very important and should happen from time to time because we may not be able to see a good value all the time. If we a good value for the tokens, we should grab the opportunity and book some profits.

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