Splinterlands - Purchase cards and upgrade them whenever possible

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One of the biggest advantages we have with the games on Hive is that it is on Web3 that gives us monetary benefit and along with that provides a facility for us to purchase and hold our NFTs. I would even say that as time goes on and when new features are introduced into the game, there is a high chance that old NFTs that are limited in supply in the game get a nice value. This is one of the reasons why I would insist on saying that purchasing cards from the game is very important.

During my early days, when I was playing the game, I used to focus more on the gameplay but did not worry about card collection. Some of my friends wanted to max out their cards by doing some investments in the game. Later after I saw their account value growing, I realized that I should have also done the same thing. My investment in purchasing the cards started only after a later stage. The mostly luckiest thing that happened to me was that I got some gold foil legendary cards during those days. That was indeed responsible for increasing my account worth.

Purchasing the cards

When there are a set of reward cards in the game, the value of those cards will be very cheap until there are alternatives for the cards. Gradually when people start investing in new cards and start combining the cards they get as rewards, the value of the cards would start increasing. That’s how my card values started increasing. There was even a time when people started burning a lot of cards for getting more DEC. That was the time when the price of DEC was very good and people wanted to make use of that opportunity.

There is also another advantage to purchasing cards and having a great collection. The rental markets are very good in splinterlands and if we have a decent set of cards, we could rent them in the market to get a nice rental income from the game. That is also one of the reasons why we should be focusing on keeping the cards up to date.

Upgrading the cards

One of the mistakes that I did in the past was to randomly pick a card and upgrade them without even checking if the card was cheap at that point in time. I was thinking that all I wanted was to upgrade a card and complete my goal. That’s how I started reinvesting all my DEC earnings from the game into purchasing the cards or upgrading the cards.

I would say upgrading the cards is very important. That’s how the gameplay will be good and we would be able to fight against powerful monsters. But there will be some time when many cards of a particular type would be cheaper in the market and it would be ideal to jump in during that time and hunt lots of cards for upgrades.

There is also one more consideration while upgrading the cards. Sometimes the stats play a major role in deciding whether we should be fully upgrading them or not. Maybe it would just be sufficient to upgrade until the stats we want and the stats that would be useful to have decent gameplay. In spite of that, if we try to max out the card, it will only be a waste because people may not afford that much for the card and there will already be a lot of upgraded cards in the market.

These are some of the considerations while purchasing and upgrading our cards. I would still say that maintaining the cards in the deck once in a while is very good and helps in managing the rewards inflow better.


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