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I'm not going to talk about the markets today. Wow that's a change! I'm actually going to discuss my objective on #hive and where I stand. Sometimes I write these blogs to just reinforce what I promised myself on why I am here on HIVE. Forget the self upvotes, the follow for follow. I have been here long enough to not only grow, but see that growth upon a simple metric.

What is that simple metric? Well I'm powering up. It's incredible to know that I have accumulated close to 30 k of HIVE. Along the way I have cashed out into Gold and Silver, invested in some pretty shitty projects, and continue to invest in some good projects. Just like real life investments, it's good to spread out your #hive (cash) in order to generate more cash (Hive). Alright Hive isn't cash, but it's what this blockchain is all about.

So I powered down to literally 500 HIVE. Currently after about 8 months ago I said I was going to start powering up again. Bear markets are for re-inventing yourself. My #hive power is sitting at around 1600! My goal is to get back to 5000 HIVE but at this rate it will take another year and a half.

I do have a nice chunk sitting on Hive-Engine but it is in projects such as PSYBER-X, BRO, and it's derivative LEGION. I have given up on some projects such as #cub. It's compunding and locked up, but 1000 CUB is not what it was 2 years ago. It's relative value has dropped %99 and I do not see any reason to pull out now as it's a complete loss. Sure I'm accumulated CUB but at this rate #leo is not growing in relative value. I know some LEO maxi's will hate this assessment but the joke of wen, soon, moon is stale at the moment.

In my opinion Defi is a copy of the stock market where we like "DIV'S". The reality to me is that many crypto projects generate nothing. If they have no utility I cannot see why any protocol will grow in value. Sure you can get stock by backs, and burn some shares. Stocks are built upon companies who are doing something in the real world. They have to produce something to show why they are a good investment. This is why I am focused on utility in the crypto world. We are outside of the ISO faze and now need to see crypto doing something. #hive was interesting from the start because it does require something to show. Of course there are the whale shenanigans, but that will always remain. The real winner is what can be built.

So there you have it. I hope to have 5000 HIVE in 1.5 years. Hopefully the world has not blown up at that point and by that time I am sure many of the long term projects I invested into will pay off big-time. What would I do as as HIVE whale?

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