BRO is reaching out on YOUTUBE!

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From 500 HIVE power 4-5 months ago we are now currently at 33,000 HIVE. I have contributed a few thousand myself; so obviously I'm interesting in shilling!

Our Hive-Engine BROFUND now publishes @brofund our monthly HODLing which includes dividends in LEO, ARCHON, WEEDCASH, PAL, STEM, BEE, NEOXIAN and I'm sure MOAR to come.

I also want to mention we have a Yuuuuuuge holding of LEO Miners ;)

Raymond has a nice website up and is doing a great job reaching out onto the many social networking avenues out there. We are not just doing this for BRO, but for all of HIVE and it's multiple Tribes!

Join us and get your DIV's!

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