BRO token is the hidden GEM of HIVE!

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I joined the Mancave about a year ago and I'm known to be a bear. I would complain about the investment and the dividends sucking. Yes I readily admit I can be a FUDster.

The truth of the matter is I bought at 2 Hive, then at 3.5 Hive. Right now BRO is averaging to sell at 6-9 HIVE. So if there is a enough market volume I would have more than doubled my investment. But I'm a BRO and identify with the group more than strict monetary value. It just seemed to work out nicely both ways. Dragon's in this space have become acquaintances and even friends.

As Brofund grow's, the drips for different tribe tokens are continuously going up. BRO in many way's was a major HIVE Decentralized Finance initiative. I didn't really realize it at the time, but now it's simpler to see. ARCHON which gives you drips but didn't realize it's worth. Now I see Archon's worth. I now power up ARCHON! I didn't see the compound gains up until recently. DHEDGE is as well a pretty cool drip which I'm just starting to get attracted too.

Circled are the current Dividends from tribes and tokens I do not usually take part of. Here is an example of how you can multiply your token wealth. I buy BRO and say I get ARCHON. ARCHON has DAILY token drips as well!

Archon as well gives you drips in DHEDGE which also gives you dividend drips! So just by buying BRO I can receive 2 tokens that also compound in many other tribe tokens!

Now just as you thought I was done, I'm not! BRO has now introduced BROFi. So in a nutshell you can delegate your well valued tokens to @brofi. Here is an example; I have 5000 LEO tokens powered up. Even if I were to self-vote I would get a 0.33 LEO return. Since I have delegated EVERYTHING I could to BROfi I now get a 0.77 LEO upvote. I guess it averages to about the same even though self upvotes are not always welcomed. Ok so it's not really a loss if I delegate my funds although my curation can go down.

But what do you also get when you delegate?

You get BRO drips! I just outlined how much you can get back with BRO and now you can earn BRO and continuously compound your gains. I think this is amazing, and a great opportunity for anyone on Hive who loves any tribe token to get in on Decentralized Finance. Get the BRO before it's 22 HIVE each!

Just for your information MORE tribe tokens are being added this month for dividends!

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