BeeSwap Token(BXT) Whitepaper

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Beeswap is an application that allows cheap (0.25%) deposits/withdrawals to hive-engine, without changing the size of the entire SWAP.HIVE:HIVE liquidity. This is a bridge service between the native blockchain token HIVE and it's equivalent on the hive-engine side chain, SWAP.HIVE.

The use of the SWAP.HIVE has been growing, and is expected to continue to grow as more and more projects are using the hive-engine protocol, and there continue to be more arbitrage opportunities. This means the BeeSwap pool's collection of fees should continue to grow.

Beeswap token(BXT)

Staked Beeswap Token(BXT) will earn 50% of all the fees generated by BeeSwap, currently estimated at 50k hive yearly.
3 days to unstake.

BXT Initial supply

1000 tokens pooled with hive

  • into the SWAP.HIVE:BXT pool

5000 tokens airdrop

  • ~2100 accounts on the list from SIM holders, LEO holders, splinterlands players and BeeSwap users.

Launch Sale: 4000 BXT will be sold to pool in first 3 weeks to cover creation costs, eventually to create self earning community fund if collected $ will be significant.

Total 10,000 initial BXT

BXT inflation & distribution:

1st week 500 daily 2nd week 400 daily 3rd week 300 daily 4th week 200 daily after that 100 daily

Tokens will be distributed to engine pools liquidity providers and community fund in the following manner:

swap.hive : bxt 20% swap.hive : swap.bnb 10% swap.hive : swap.busd 10% swap.hive : swap.matic 10% swap.hive : swap.eth 10% swap.hive : sim 5% swap.hive : leo 5% swap.hive : dec 5% swap.hive : sps 5% swap.hbd : swap.busd 5% community fund 5% hive liquidity providers 10%


hiveswap - converting account beeswap - token distribution beeswap.fees - fees distribution - community fund


BeeSwap App BXT Pool post with stats on swap.hive, by @dalz


Airdrop is done. BXT and fees distribution should start in less than a month.

Future plans

  • half of the BXT distribution decided by governance (staked BXT)

  • adding new pools for governance voting by burning BXT

  • using community fund BXT to create rewards for fixing BeeSwap hive/swap.hive supply

  • governance around community fund

notice: As is true of all the applications built on hive this one is also centralized.