Hive HPUD May 2023 - Staking more Hive on my way to being an Orca

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Just few days ago I have posted about the Hive Power thresholds for each fish specie that is swimming within the Hive blockchain waters - The fish types in the Hive blockchain sea. And while I am currently a happy Dolphin, my goal is to become an Orca and make some splashes in the communities that I am being involved in and amongst the content creators that I follow on a daily basis. While I did not plan for this, but having some investments in the new gaming projects from the Hive blockchain like Genesis League Goals, Terracore or Golem Overlord, they've already become a source of steady revenue streams which I am exchanging for Hive. These are most of the projects that offered me liquid Hive that I will be using today, 1st of May 2023 to stake them and actively participate in the Hive Power Up Day #hpud event with the goal of becoming an Orca (56k HP) someday.

While previous having 31,723.194 Hive Power and gathering 455.937 Hive, by powering it up my balance got updated to 32,179.131 Hive Power. Compared to the lower threshold of 56,000 Hive Power for becoming an Orca, it means that currently I am finding myself at 57.46% from this goal. Still a long way ahead, but one step at a time I am slowly getting there. And what's important is that my stacking comes from different sources like liquid Hive from gaming and other direct investments or project returns, content creation and curation on the Hive blockchain. This should move me bit by bit on each Hive Power Up Dat #hpud and continuously get me closer from my goal.

In the same time, it passed 30 days since my drastic move to exchange $6,400 HBD into Hive and power them up betting all on the rise of Hive. While that did not happen yet, my curation and content creation are standing at 32% APR which I consider pretty good for a governance token that drives everything on this blockchain and which will surely get pulled up if the market will go on an uptrend. Just from the price difference from when I exchanged HBD to HIVE, I have gained $150 compared with $106.66 if I would have hold $6,400 in Savings for a month at 20% APR. So this is good as well and confirms for the moment my strategy.

That's it from me, I wish you a great Hive Power Up Day #hpud and happy earning. This is the way!

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