Speak Network - I almost missed this month's claimdrop, don't do the same!

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Speak Network is growing at a steady pace and probably this year we'll see more tokenomics and infrastructure being developed. But while that happens all we can do is claim the airdrop and stake the Larynx Miners in order to start earning SPK governance tokens. And with all that's happening in the crypto and a lot of management on my assets, but also active participation in some of my other projects, I have almost forgotten to claim my airdrop this month. But good that I woke up even if late in the month and I still had a few days for doing that. Hope you are not doing the same and you'd better hurry up and claim your tokens and put them to work!

Better later than never and now it is the time to claim the Larynx Miners airdrops from my main Hive account, but also from some alts that I use for different communities and purposes. As every bit of it counts, I've cleaned up all the accounts and taken even the dust out of them and aggregated all the Larynx Miners tokens on the main account. By doing this I have prepared and am ready to stake 629.696 tokens.

I will be using the Ecency interface for easiness in staking and delegating the powered-up Larynx Miners. While I've already had 54,911.588 Larynx Miners powered up and delegated, with the addition of 629.696 tokens I've reached a total of 55,541.284 assets. These have already produced 3.452 SPK governance tokens and with the current bump, I hope that they will produce even more.

Speak Network requires complex infrastructure and this is why it is a long-term project and investment in it. But once the infrastructure will be set and we'll see the first real use cases, I am sure that this will be a project that will start rolling from the top of the hill and nobody will be able to stop it. With the potential to challenge YouTube and other Web2 video platforms, will be a monster of a web3 video platform.

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