Splinterlands - Soulbound cards are amazing and I just strike Legendary and Epic Gold NFTs

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When Splinterlands announced that the new Reward cards were soulbound I was not a happy camper as I thought that will tap into the secondary market, where the action is for the players and investors. But as the rewards proved to be given in good numbers and you can receive multiple cards at once, it started to grow on me. Next, if you are lucky enough and start getting Legendary and Epic NFTs, it makes it so much sweeter. The last season end brought me some good smiles on my face when after competing in the Diamond League I revealed the given chests and was amazed at the rewards that I have drawn.

The first amazing NFT that I got was a Gold foil with an Epic Earth card entitled Thane Newsong. This is my first strike and with the Inspire ability, I will be using this card to give all friendly Monsters +1 Melee attack at this level. For sure formations focusing on Melee attacks and favored by different rule plays, will benefit this card quite a bit.

The second amazing NFT that I got was a Legendary Earth card entitled Ava the Undaunted. This is my second strike and with the Weapons Training ability, I will be using this card for the adjacent monsters to gain half of this monster's attack if they have no attack themselves at this level. A great new ability that will transform any no-attack NFTs into ones that do real damage, thus is important to position well this card in the formation.

The third amazing NFT that I got was an Epic Life card entitled Evelyn Auvera. This is my third strike and the last one and with the Immunity ability, I will be using this card quite often as it is immune to negative status effects at this level. Surely harsh rule plays and opponents spelling negative effects on my formation will be surprised when they will see that the Evelyn Auvera is immune to that, making it a great card in battles.

These were the best surprises from my rewards chests from the Last Season End in the Splinterlands. They are all Soulbound NFTs, which means that I will not be able to sell them at least until this edition of cards end. But that simply makes me focus to gather more such reward cards by being an active player in the game and battling my way to the top. And getting these cards to the max levels, will surely benefit me in the game, but also when the market opens for them, and might see some nice prices.

Come join the amazing world from Splinterlands!

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