The fish types in the Hive blockchain sea

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One thing that I like about the Hive blockchain is the representation of a sea where different fishes are swimming and try to find their way in this vast ecosystem. While I knew of different fish types that can be in the Hive blockchain sea like the red fish, the minnow, the dolphin, the orca or the whale, I never understood the math and calculation behind it. But finally I've decided to get a deeper look into that, go to the table and bring more clarity on it.


The Redfish is the smallest fish in the Hive blockchain sea and is a Title given to new users and those that are usually trying the waters and don't put the work to make it big. If you own between 0 and 999,999 VESTS or 0 and 561.424 Hive Power, you are considered a Redfish


The Minnow is a fish specie above Redfish as it had a taste of the good life and ate quite a bit of content and engaged on the Hive blockchain sea. The Title of a Minnow is given if you own between 1,000,000 and 9,999,999 VESTS or 561.425 and 5,614.245 Hive Power.


The Dolphin swims happy in the Hive blockchain sea at is already has some power and his impact in the ecosystem is meaningful whenever creating content or engagement and curating. The Title of a Dolphin is given if you own between 10,000,000 and 99,999,999 VESTS or 5,614.246 and 56,142.462 Hive Power.


The Orca starts to make big splashes whenever swimming in the Hive blockchain sea and whenever one visits you, it usually leave a mark through a considerable vote. The Title of Orca is given if you own between 100,000,000 and 999,999,999 VESTS or 56,142.463 and 561,424.625 Hive Power.


The Whale is majestic and rarely appears in full sight on the Hive blockchain sea, but if it visits you it can make your day or week with a massive vote. The Tile of Whale is given if you own more than 1,000,000,000 VESTS or 561,424.626 Hive Power.

Fish TypeVests FromVests ToHP FromHP To

At the moment I am a healthy Dolphin going towards an Orca and I am hungry to get there. I succeeded to make a good splash on the Hive blockchain sea once I've decided to go All In on Hive and exchange all my $6,400 HBD to Hive and Powered it up when the $Hive price was around $0.40. This almost doubled my Hive Power and put me over 30,000 HP and it feels quite well moving around and curating with a good upvote amount. I like to spread the wealth and at the same time grow myself with each curation, engagement and content creation. The life in the Hive blockchain sea starts to be better from this point on and moving up is motivating also from the rewards point of view. Still a rather long way until I'll be an Orca as I need 26,000 Hive Power more, but I am motivated more than ever to get there.

What about you?

What kind of fish are you on the Hive blockchain sea?


  • VESTS is the Hive blockchain internal representation of Hive Power.
  • The ratio for VESTS to Hive Power was obtain applying the math as described in The math behind Vests and Hive Power on the Hive blockchain. Basically the formula is Hive Power = Vests (total_vesting_fund_hive / total_vesting_shares), which based on the current market values means that 1 Hive Power = 1,781.183 Vests**.
  • Some of the information used and adapted and explained comes from HiveBuzz Statistics.

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