There are never enough Trolls | Splinterlands Art Contest Week 231

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The Splinterlands Art Contest is starting a new cycle on the 231 Week and with it, I have observed that we don't have enough Trolls in the game, and thus I am envisioning through AI art some variations of Trolls that could enrich this metaverse. The idea came to my mind also after I watched the Troll movie, where a gigantic creature wakes up after a thousand years in captivity and destroys everything in its path. Not sure if it's true or not or if the site is not up to date, but searching on Splintercards, NFTs with trolls, I could only find the Magma Troll. I am sure we can do better and expand the Trolls in different elements as they are creatures of magic, of earth, and even water or death.

I've generated different variations of Trolls using Lexica AI that I considered the best from the output, which is free to use and share.

Earth Troll living deep in the Forest and surrounded by magic

Ogre Troll coming out from a fantasy world

Devil Death Troll summoned to life

Trolls present something majestic and magical at the same time and I think more armies of them are needed in the Splinterlands. Starting from one character one could develop amazing stories around it and I believe that a Troll is one that deserves such a place. Their unreal presence and the amount of destruction that can inflict would surely make them a forceful monster on the battlefields from the Splinterlands.

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