110 Chaos Legion packs added to my collection and strategizing my exit

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I have been accumulating Splinterlands credit for a while now by swapping the different tokens that I earn around here. On top of that, I had to wait until I had enough vouchers to claim the 10 extra packs that I get for buying 100 packs.

Recently, funds have been really tight for me because of my numerous exertions but I managed to squeeze it out eventually. This expenditure cost me a total of $410 if you factor in the market price of vouchers.

I receive a lot of support from the Hive community, and that gives me funds that I use to invest in Splinterlands. On top of that, I also sell some of my Splinterlands assets to fund this expedition. Thanks to the support, I now have a total of 791 Chaos Legion packs purchased.

Note that my intention is to hold the Chaos legion packs until the foreseeable future, meaning I'll be earning SPS tokens from them.

In my previous post, I talked about why I decided to swap all my DEC for SPS. Generally speaking, the truth is that I'm not confident that DEC has a major pump on the horizon.

However, I feel fairly confident that SPS has a solid pump coming soon. There's just so much development coming for it, so I took a gamble that has sparingly paid off.

Since the conversion, SPS gained like 4 cents in value, so that's a small win. That notwithstanding, I still ended up swapping some of the SPS for credits that I used to pay for the packs.

Chain reaction

The splinterlands setup has various interconnected aspects. For example, converting SPS to Credit and buying packs adds to your SPS airdrop points.

These interconnected aspects of the game make it easy to transfer value from one end to the other, within the game. It also makes it easier for investors/players to ensure most of the value is trapped within the game, which, I presume, is healthy for the long-term success of the project.

As an investor, you have to always consider your unique position and needs before making decisions. Are you looking for short term or long term gains, how big is your budget and how soon is soon in the sooniverse?

Generally speaking, there are many questions you have to ask yourself before making your decision. In the splinterlands context, you have to figure out what you want to do with your assets.

Do you play ranked battles? Are you 100% rentals? Is DEC doing it for you? Are you holding or opening packs? What's your budget?

If you factor in the answers to these and many more questions into your decision, while also considering market perception, you'll establish various strategies. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it fails, but at least you have a strategy.

In my case, I'm betting on the long term success of Chaos Legion packs because I suspect that this will be the route I'll use to build back my deck.

As I mentioned yesterday, there's a strong possibility that I'll sell most of my crypto portfolio to fund my escape from Nigeria. Unfortunately, this also includes my Splinterlands assets, because they represent a decent chunk of my entire portfolio.

I don't intend to sell off everything around here because there's so much potential for the future. Monsters are the most likely assets that will be used to raise funds.

I see SPS and the future price of Chaos legion packs as my best route to buying back the monsters I sell.

For starters, my staked SPS earns me more SPS that I can use to pay for rentals when I eventually sell off all my assets. I'll earn quest rewards and reinvest all my rewards into buying back the monsters I sold.

Also, before I convert all my proceeds from the sale of NFT assets into stable coin, I'll ensure that I hold 500 Chaos Legion packs. This is a bit of a gamble but I think the price of packs could be as high as $30 in the future.

So I'm betting on a Chaos Legion pack pump to help me scrape back funds that I'll jump back into the game and buyback monsters that I sell now. However, even if the packs don't pump hard, I'll just open all 500 packs that I intend to hodl, and I'll be good. Also, note that these packs also make me eligible for monster airdrops along the way.

In everything though, I think the hardest part will be having the required virtues to hold 500 packs. I'm not going to lie, I might need therapy to prevent me from opening these packs before the allotted period elapses.

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