Are you ready for Grandmaster Rathe?

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The pace of pack purchases spiked in the past couple of days. The rate of purchases started going crazy when we got to 100K packs to release the next Chaos Legion monster.

I don't think there's any correlation between the rate of pack purchase and the general crypto market. Yes, Bitcoin momentarily climbed up to 22K but that is hardly anything to celebrate and that doesn't seem like a pump that could have a dramatic effect on other assets in the market.

At the time of writing, there are only 32K packs left until the release of the next Chaos Legion Legendary monster. The incoming monster will be a legendary chaos legion monster that ought to be worth a considerable value.

At the time of writing, the cheapest Chaos Legion Legendary monster is Quix which is valued at around $19 at bulk price. All things considered, we can expect that the starting unit price of the coming Chaos Legion Monster will definitely not be lower than the current bulk purchase price of Quix.

Hoping for the best

This flurry of purchases adds further doubt as to whether I will get the airdropped monster. Don't get me wrong, I always thought my chances were slim but the way over 100K packs just evaporated in front of me makes me even doubt my chances more.

Adding a legendary summoner to my collection will be absolutely incredible for my deck slugging it out in the bronze league. However, that is only based on the premise that I even get the airdrop at all.

Assuming I don't get the airdrop, I will look at the possibility of buying just one of summoners and getting a real powerhouse into my collection. This will all depend on the price of the monster at the time, of course.

I will also continue watching the card market to enable me to pick the right moment to suggest it for the Seed project deck that is currently delegated to me.

I'm also considering opening a couple of packs to see if my luck will shine through and I find the gold foil legendary inside. I reckon that fresh after the release, there will be a decent number of the recently airdropped monster in circulation, so chances of getting one from packs might be higher.

Then again, opening a pack is completely random, so I might have to just shelf that idea for now. Perhaps I'll just wait until all the Chaos Legion packs have been sold out and all the remaining monsters have been released to the public.

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