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Building a quality Splinterlands deck with limited spending capacity can be an arduous task. In this situation, there are a whole lot of factors you have to consider beyond the price.

Personally, I generally stick with buying monsters that I know and then shoving them into my team because that doesn't require considering too many variables. However, ever since I started using Summoner Labs, I've been a bit more technical and intentional with my decision making.

Summoner Lab offers deep insight into every single monster in the game. For absolutely no cost, you can get a lot of data about virtually every monster in Splinterlands and this will, in turn, disambiguate the process of picking monsters.

To enjoy everything on Summoner lab, you have to complete a very simple signup process.

  • Simply go to the Home page

  • Click on "Login" at the top right of the screen

  • Click on "signup" at the bottom of the popup menu and then fill the signup sheet that pops up next

At the time of writing, there are two subscription packages, with one for absolutely free and then another for as little as $2 per month.

Interestingly, you get two months discount on the Pro membership, if you decide to pay $20 annually.

What can you actually do with Summoner lab?

I decided to pry a little deeper to see see what I can actually do with the web application and I have to say, it was really impressive. This bad boy has features that make it far easier to decide which monster should enter your deck.


I think the first thing that actually took me by surprise was the chart feature. If you're a monster flipper or just looking to scalp up some profit from the monsters in your deck, the charts will make you life ultimately easier.

Using charts, you can view each monster's trading data in a variety of ways including bars, candles, lines and whatnot. You can draw plots, triangles and use tools to make your predictions based on the trading pattern of a monster.

Assuming you're using the free package, you have limited access to charts but you can extend that by simply purchasing monsters from the Splinterlands market through Summoner Lab. Every time you buy the monster that you looked at the chart, it extends your usage period by an hour.

Battle data

Another aspect that I found quite fascinating was the "Cards" tab where you can get extensive data about each monster's performance in ranked battles.

On the free subscription, you only see limited data but once you subscribe, you get to see even more extensive data about how the monster performs in ranked battles.

So, if you're looking to upgrade your deck to participate in ranked battles, I reckon this feature is for you. Considering the changes in doing your daily quest, I reckon this is a good way to ensure you stay ahead of the pack and rack up those points that give you sexier reward chests.

Final Thoughts

WHether you decide to go with the pro package or the free package, I think this is an application that every Splinterlands player and investor should use.

Summoner Lab is loaded with a host of tools that guides the decision making of both players and investors alike. So, whether you're just looking to create a rental stand or actively brawl your ass off for those rewards, there's enough simplified data for you to consider.

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