I got a Gold Foil Possiblus and it's on the market

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Splinterlands has a way of turning up for me when I least expect it and a few hours ago, it did it for me, once again. Thanks to the recent Chaos Legion legendary summoner airdrop, I'm pleased to say that roughly $150 worth of monsters entered my collection.

After toiling for what seemed like an eternity to find a gold foil legendary, I was finally blessed with one Gold foil Possiblus and one normal foil to boot. It was a pleasant surprise and ensured that I ended yesterday on a positive note.

After receiving the bad news of having my Twitter account banned over some stupid shit, I needed some good news and this is as good as they come. It more than makes up for all the POSH tokens I'll miss in the next 6 days.

Straight to the market

I'm quite pleased to have gotten this summoner and I reckon it is only fair, considering I've already invested over $4000 into buying Chaos Legion packs. I must admit, I didn't expect to receive a gold foil but my luck shone through, so here we are.

When I received it last night, I wasn't certain if I wanted to sell it or keep it for the future. I generally don't like selling gold foil legendaries because of the potential of a massive pump in value in the future.

I decided to sleep on it, as I didn't want to make a decision while feeling somewhat sleepy after a stressful day of activities. I figured it'll be better to wait a while before making any decision and also thought that a couple more hours of waiting could be beneficial for the price if I decided to sell.

Well, I decided to sell and no, a couple of more hours of waiting wasn't good for the price. In fact, the price of a Gold Foil Possiblus dropped significantly from yesterday's price of $133 to around $120 today.

Despite the drop in price, I still put it on the market, and now I wait patiently for any takers at the current price. I generally don't recommend selling legendary gold foils but I'm in a particular situation that requires making a tough decision for survival.

There's also the fact that right now, at least, the monster seems a bit like a luxury to add to my collection. yes, gold foils increase the amount of SPS and RP you earn per battle but I'm really not too bothered about that right now.

Frankly speaking, the summoner's buffs don't necessarily inspire me and then there's also the fact that I don't even have an impressive collection of water monsters that work with this summoner. Perhaps if the summoner added an opportunity ability, I might have considered keeping it but right now, I'm really not enthused.

So, with these aforementioned thoughts in my head, I decided to put Possiblus on the market. I'm glad I got it but right now, it is a luxury that I don't need in my collection.

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