is $1 GLX possible?

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As my Splinterlands monsters continue to be bought off the market, I find myself plunging further into a weird place. I won't call it sad because I'm not and I won't call it a happy place either but at least I still have GLX.

The price of GLX has taken quite the beating in recent times but that was to be expected. The crypto market's pump temporarily halted and with Bitcoin sub $23k, it was only natural for everything to follow suit.

For what it's worth, at today's price of Bitcoin, I say 3.3 cents per GLX token is a fair price. Naturally, we'd like to see a much higher value but considering how much lower it could be, I guess we have to appreciate the little things.

I doubt the possibility of it happening, but I hope to hold on to a small stack of my staked GLX token. I am particularly keen on this due to the current high APR.

In the past five days, I have noticed that the displayed APR in the GLX staking portal has fluctuated between 10-163%. My guess is that people are keeping their tokens permanently unstaked and restaking whenever it is unstaked.

This is a principle I apply because you can never tell when the next crazy pump will come around. When it does, I'd like to be on hand to feast from it. Now, more so than ever, because that would serve as a proper buffer for our relocation plans.

Dreams of $1

I am quite the dreamer and I have dreamt many a dream during my time on Hive. I have held on to fantasies about crazy pumps that have the potential to completely change my life.

One of those dreams I have is the potential of GLX pumping to the $1 range. Honestly speaking, I know it is highly unlikely in the short term but the thought of it offers quite the thrill.

I spent the whole of last year waiting for SPS to pump to astronomical heights alas, all I got in the end was seeing the token plunge even further into the abyss. I have seen the total value of my SPS collection shed around 170% of its value in the past year and that's a moderate estimate.

In any case, I'll still keep SPS staked, even though I feel like there's more I could be doing with my resources. I keep it staked because I want to participate in SPlinterlands governance, even if my vote is tiny and somewhat insignificant, in the grand scheme of things.

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