SBF is walking freely and even doing interviews

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In a surprising turn of events, SBF has been spotted numerous times in the Bahamas, walking freely after squandering billions of dollars of user funds. It is one of the most fascinating things to have happened so far and I'm frankly lost for words.

I have even seen a number of his tweets pop up on my timeline. Hell, he was even scheduled to do some interviews and whatnot.

As if the above isn't strange enough, he seems to have the legacy media in his pocket as he pays numerous "reputable" outlets to churn out puff pieces about how he was trying to save the world. One of the most ridiculous of the lot was the publications made by Wallstreet Journal talking about how SBF was trying to "Give Away Billions".

I'm not going to lie, it is amazing how low people are willing to stoop for a quick buck. Journalistic integrity and all those virtues were thrown out of the window to accommodate this insensitive article.

Sam Bankman-Fried said he wanted to prevent nuclear war and stop future pandemics. And he publicly pledged to use his vast and growing wealth to do so.

Hello everybody, my name is Belemo and I'm going to end poverty in Africa, eradicate Malaria and handpick good leaders. Now, will you be so kind to give me $8 billion and fuck off?

If the previous paragraph sounds wrong to you, it is because it is wrong. It is also what, according to WSJ, SBF basically said to the millions of customers that were hurt by this FTX collapse.

WSJ fails to acknowledge the fact that FTX was basically printing counterfeit or shall we say, imaginary cryptocurrencies into your exchange wallet. In reality, FTX was insolvent and did not have nearly enough liquidity to cater to its customers.

In fact, the weirdest part is that we're still not even sure where the funds went to. We have seen numerous tweets about how the philanthropic SBF "invested" in real estate and other personal ventures with customer funds but that certainly can't be right, considering his plan was to save the world.

The hero we didn't deserve

You already know how the story goes and it is funny how the saga snowballed into what we have today. At the end of the day, this FTX saga proved that it doesn't matter how high you pump an asset, if it is worthless, the intrinsic value will inevitably shine through.

FTT was in fact a shitcoin with no utility outside FTX exchange and its demise was a fair reflection of reality. If this event hasn't taught you to invest in actual projects and move away from random shitcoins with zero utility then maybe the next cataclysmic event will.

Anyway, SBF has been on the news for quite some time now and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. I've encountered comical information like the sex tape with his girlfriend and partner in crime and "serious" news like his investments with customers' funds.

Speaking of partners in crime, it is also fascinating how SBF seems to be the face of the news and getting all the bad rep. Perhaps this is a result of being the face of the project but all his cohorts seem to go under the radar.

Beyond his alleged math genius girlfriend and CEO of Alameda researching firm, no one else seems to be in the crosshairs of the media. Don't be surprised when one of these media-shielded people launches a crypto project in the future that will get backed by some of your favourite crypto influencers.

In any case, this SBF story is far from over but one thing for sure is that he has the media in his back pocket and probably some bigwigs as well. Will he pay for his crimes or will he end up being eulogised as the hero that didn't actualise his dream, as WSJ want us to believe?

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