Will you sell all your crypto to keep your family safe?

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Nigeria is a fucked up country and I live in it. The country is in a dire state, run by incompetent assholes that don't give a rat's ass.

Yesterday, I was very excited about visiting Abuja and watching the match between Nigeria and Ghana. Sadly, only an hour after publishing that post, the train that we would have used to get to Abuja from Kaduna was attacked by terrorists.

It was a huge shock for me and for a while, I was hoping it was not true. I saw the news from a source on Twitter and just stared at my phone's screen for minutes, hoping that perhaps it was old news or something.

We don't know how many people were physically hurt but we know damn well that the entire 970 people on board the train will be traumatised by this occurrence. It marks yet another low in this country that is constantly hitting new lows.

The terrorists detonated explosives on the train tracks and shot an unconfirmed number of rounds at the train. We don't know for sure how many people were killed in the event but it is a very grim situation.

In shameful attempt to mask the severity of this occurrence, the railway corporation described it as an "unforeseen circumstance".

Selling crypto is a sacrifice I must make

This is the reason why I've decided to double down on our plan to leave Nigeria. We were originally planning to do it organically, but seeing how the danger keeps coming close, we'll expedite the process with some loans.

There's no sensible reason why we should continue living in this country right now. There's no single system that actually works remotely close to how it should, we have to leave.

Leaving the country is going to require making certain tough decisions. However, there's not much else I can do to ensure the safety of my family.

For starters, a lot of my crypto assets will have to be sold to fund the move. Considering that we intend using the education route to leave, we'll need to pay for a lot of fees, rent, travel costs and stuff.

Based on the requirement, this transaction is most likely going to drain up to 70-80% of my entire portfolio. I hoped that I'd be able to stall for some years, grow my portfolio and hopefully it will have a smaller effect but that's not possible right now.

If we intend to leave the country this year, I'll have to sell off a decent chunk and work even harder to accumulate more. So please, if you have writing gigs, please contact me, I'm very available and I deliver promptly.

I need all the money and crypto I can get to get this across the line. I know that I'll get it all back in the future but for now, I have to prioritise our safety and well being.

The train incident was yesterday evening but it could easily have happened this morning and we would have been one of the victims of this fucked up country. What's the point of having crypto, if I can't keep my family safe?

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