8 Side Hustle Ways To Earn Crypto

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When it comes to side hustles everyone talks about the traditional things such as renting out your car, doing surveys, freelance work, dog walking, power washing etc etc. But for whatever reason no one really touches on the crypto space which to me is one of the most lucrative and easiest barriers to entry to start building a side hustle that could turn into your main income source.

Today I want to share with you 8 of methods to side hustle with cryptocurrency income.


Gaming was part of the bull run of 2020-2021 and saw some games seriously take off. However most where rather low end simple collect NFTs or some basic weird tokennomics. It saw many fail but also many successes have come out of it. The thing is now that we are in the bear market for crypto if the games not solid with good playing and tokenomics it will quickly fail.

Many games are pretty passive in nature and some even have passive methods and active gameplay I believe these types of games will become the future. Some of the ones I currently play myself that are like this are…


Rising Star

NBM Mining

Blogging/ Influencer

Blogging for crypto has been around for a while but mainly it’s been small site with rather low rewards and market caps. The best one out of all of these I have found to be the Hive Blockchain and which offers up short form blogging.

These platforms are great if you have your own product and want to share updates, development of new apps on that blockchain for example the hive blockchain. There are also many others but some of the ones that stick out the most would be Publish0x

NFTs Art, Music etc

NFTs were also a major part of the last bull run. But once one person made a boatload of money all the scams and shady tactics started to come along with it. Countless rub pulls etc however since then in the bear market you mostly have legitimate projects now and far fewer scams happening since vast amounts of funds are no longer up for grabs.

Creating NFTs for your art and music are some of the best ways to generate some extra income from your works but there’s also flipping of NFTs and more that you can take part in for a side hustle.

Discord Community Manager

With countless discord communities many of which are still focused around crypto you can become a discord community manager and log some hours in the rooms and managing them. Many of these places pay in crypto in either their own token or through some form of profits that the community is making. If you’re really feeling ambitious you could start up your own discord community and build up a community of funds.


With some side hustles there are start up costs and that’s no different with crypto. The mining game is one you can get into yourself and start building some passive income with after doing some investing into mining rigs. This route might be a little more challenging now however over Staking which I’ll go over later.

Yield Farming

Yield farming or DeFi farming is when you provide liquidity to a platform. As that liquidity gets used you earn fees and in many cases that defi platforms core token. There are risks with implement loss but you can help mitigate this by using stablecoins


Have a little programming skills or know a team of people that can code? Try building DAPPS and building a community around that along with core tokenomics. This app could be anything from games, socials or something as simple as watching videos and collecting crypto rewards. Dapps are a great way to build a community and really a large business of passive style income from a side hustle.


I left this one for last as it’s a side hustle that requires little work. Unlike mining with equipment you’re instead investing into the token and a lower end computer to mine. The startup costs I would argue are pretty much the same as proof of work systems. Staking rewards once setup the nodes for the most part run themselves with little management besides some core blockchain updates and ensuring your assets in the wallets are safe.

What’s really awesome about crypto side hustles though is it’s constantly growing and evolving. What was once a single way to earn crypto which was mining has changed into multiple ways of which many are crypto exclusive!

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