Hive Offers Passive Income In Crypto / Stablecoins

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Hive Offers More Passive Income

If you didn't know I'm a HUGE advocate for "passive income" with the understanding that passive income really isn't passive. There's always at least some amount of work or investment that has to be done to keep it running. HOWEVER with that passive income is a way to generate more revenue and assets with less time than trading hours to pay like a job.

One of the biggest things I love about Hive is just how many passive income methods have been born from it in the last two years. I would even go as far as saying it's one of the best blockchains that offers more passive income methods than any other blockchain.

Let's take a look at a few and feel free to comment below if you know and use any others. Some of these might be off shoots of Hive but starting out we will focus on Hive only.

*This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advise.

NFTs and Gaming

Yes, not fully passive but again many of these games require minimal time and investment in order to get started. I'll break each game down with just a list of points about how passive income is generated.

Splinterlands Yes the granddaddy of all games on hive right now. Splinterlands has shot even above Axie in terms of player numbers however it still lacks the market cap which I feel will continue to grow over time as the game evolves and rolls out new features.

Passive Income Methods With Splinterlands

  • Investors in SPS tokens earn on staking rewards and vouchers possibly other methods coming soon
  • Playing the game earns you NFT cards which could be sold or better yet rented out
  • Soon lands will generate resources/spells and items to be used in battles another passive income stream if you own them
  • SPS and DEC both cryptos earned from Splinterlands can also be added to DeFi pools on CubDefi They can also be added to BeeSwap or Diesel pools.

Passive Income With RisingStar

This little game is free to join and you'll start building your deck and missions in no time. From that you'll get starbits and even some starpro later on. With just a few clicks your band gets to work and starts earning you starbits. These starbits can be used for a number of things.

  • Buying NFT packs and using/selling the cards
  • Using starbits in diesel pools to earn passive income

Passive Income with DCity

Dcity was one of the first passive income NFT games. It was I believe a head of it's time and is now starting to become something amazing. It's always been a great way to generate revenue daily from your city you invest NFT type cards into. These cards produce not only SIM the token of the game but also other NFT card assets which can be used to boost your city or sold.

  • Earning NFT cards that can be sold or used to boost sim
  • NFT cards earn SIM token daily
  • Sim can be added to Swap hive / diesel pools for more passive income

Hive In General

Hive is the token of the Hive blockchain and is more and more turning into a resource type credit for the blockchain. However right now you can earn hive itself by writing blog posts, leaving valuable comments on others posts, curating content, running a witness node. Not all of these are very passive however the build the funds to start adding to those passive incomes.

There are all tribes or what I like to better call communities. These communities are powerful groups that are mainly focused on something that is built on top of hive. For example is a community around anything finances.

I picked LeoFinance because it has some of the biggest use cases out of all of the tribes. It can be wrapped on both the Binance smartchain for Defi usage on CubDeFi and Ethereum to be used in defi/geyser pools there (I don't know enough about those however to write more about it yet) soon you'll be able to use it on Polygon Defi.

HBD or Hive dollar is another way to generate passive income. This is one of the most passive methods on Hive. Simply saving your HBD into your savings account which locks it for 3 days and earn at the moment 12% interest on it. That means for every $100,000 you have in savings it should earn you $12,000 yearly throw in some monthly compounding and it will be a little higher.


These are just a few of the ways you can earn passive income right here on the Hive blockchain. There's actully a lot more including new games being built, additions to current games, airdrops and so much more all of these are at your fingertips you just have to take action and start using the hive blockchain for yourself.

I've personally been doing this for 5 years now and I have to say Hive is one of the best platforms in terms of what is offered to it's community. There's a lot of great people here including myself that are willing to help, answer questions, onboard new users and content creators and developers.

If you enjoy these types of articles let me know in the comments. If I get enough response I'll do a deep dive into each of the passive increase streams themselves.

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